Saturday, July 23, 2016

Total Curl Envy ~ Cycle 6

Each Wash Day, I fall more and more in love with my curls.

So this wash day, I attempted to add a new step which was "pre-poo" overnight and then carry on with wash day. And for this, I will note, that it did benefit my finger detangling session BUT, for some reason finger detangling STILL took me exactly 3 hours!!!!! But I'm starting to think that all this extended time is due to the fact that my hair is getting longer and not that it's super detangled. I think when I first started this, finger detangling was like 30-45 minutes. As my hair got longer, I think the longest was like 1.5-2 hours and now I'm up to 3 hours. I do have to take into account that my hair has gained a lot of length in a short amount of time, so yes the length factor will have a major impact on the time it now takes me to do my hair. And this is all the hair I lost this wash day:

Which was what I expected. Actually, it was less than I was expecting! A small amount I'll say.

The castor oil definitely did add more slip to my hair when it came to finger detangling, and watching youtube videos also made the time slip by even faster. But, the fact that I decided to rest and not operate on low energy probably saved me some strands that may have tangled up last night and have been snipped out instead of smoothed out.

And wash day wasn't any different. But something else I'm noticing?

I'm using a lot more clay. I don't normally measure per say, but I used about the same amount that I normally do and almost didn't make it. I had to start rationing portions as I got closer to finishing lol. And that's not cool since bentonite clay is becoming a type of a rare delicacy herelately =/. Maybe I should look into different clays??

But nevertheless, it still cleaned well even with the sealant layer of castor oil. Actually, my hair felt a lot more.... silkier. Castor oil normally aids in making my hair feel like silk which I love and having that feeling AFTER rinsing out the clay was AMAZING. And my scalp was still clean, my curls were still popping actually, my curls were popping like CRAZY today!

Should I show you all the pictures of my hair today?

Every wash day, my curl pattern becomes more and more evident (unless my camera skills are getting THAT great again lol) and deeper. Today, it was one of the deepest to date. My curls were seriously springing just while finger detangling with only water and oil! And I'm kinda beginning to understand how you can tell whether each curl is reaching maximum hydration.

Apparently, after rinsing the clay out of your hair, you're supposed to monitor your curls to see if they curls from tip to roots. So I did that today and noticed that majority of my hair is curling from tip to root. And mainly these areas are the sides and the back and the very top. The FRONT is what's taking so LOOOOONG and I wonder why?

But I noticed today, I was looking at different curls in the very front and literally like it's puffy from like the root to like 3 inches from the ends, and then it's curly all the way down. Womp.

So apparently, that has some more hydrating to go... =/ But at least it's finally starting to HYDRATE.

But the back and the middle have to be my favorite sections thus far. They're so soft and full of life and curls. They're very manageable, especially the middle which I'm not used to lol. The middle, for me, has always been the thickest section of my hair and I NEVER looked forward to handling that section during wash day. It's like, I loved it because it was so thick, but when I had to actually do it???

The love ceased....

Since I've been doing this new regimen, I don't have those feelings anymore because it's just as easy to go through and finger detangle as the rest of my hair. It still takes a little more time, since there's still more hair there, but it still reacts the same way which I can't complain about! And they're just full of so many beautiful curly ringlets!! HOW can I be mad about that!?

Haaa, if I could just get the front of my hair to start hydrating all the way up to the roots, life would be GREAT!

I suppose if I would have done this regimen back to back every day for 7 days straight like the actual regimen instructs, perhaps my hair would've reached maximum hydration a lot quicker and maybe the front would already be curly. But alas, I don't have the time (nor the energy) to do a detailed regimen like this daily. But hey, regardless of the time frame it took to get here, Nelly looks GOOD. This regimen has done my hair nothing but good and I can't wait to come across more benefits and results!

As far as the prepooing with castor oil thing, I think I will continue to try this out for about a month and see how my hair starts reacting to it. I know for this first trial, it was definitely beneficial...

  • It aided in finger detangling adding more slip and making the tangles smoothe themselves out even easier
  • After rinsing out the bentonite clay, my hair was alot more softer than it usually is (I really couldn't keep my hands out of my curls this time lol)
  • I think it even added a little shine to my curls... we'll see when wash day is actually over
Currently, I'm deep conditioning. As we speak, a nice droplet is trying to make it's way down the side of my face like some kind of escape artist and I'm getting tired of wiping my face like I'm sweating from just stepping off of a treadmill!

I'm about to just go take the top knot bun down and seal it in some castor oil and twist it up and let it start airdrying. But as for now, my curls are looking RIDICULOUSLY nice!!

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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