Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Wash 'n Go of ALL Wash 'n Go's!

Now how many times have I been on this blog whining about the perfect wash and go? lol

I know it's been several, but this time, I think I've finally broken on down the gates to heaven!

I can't remember a time in my natural hair journey that I have done a wash and go that left me with so much curly definition, so much clumping BUT at the same time, so much movement and so much softness!

In my experience, you just couldn't have it all! Either you sacrifice the feel for the look, or you sacrifice the look for the feel. I think now... I'm finally headed down the right path.

I won't say this routine will be the routine to end all of my hassles but so far, with this routine. I have no complaints. I have no flakes. I have no stiffness. All the things I look for in a great wash and go! And it was so simple to do!

So, obviously, prior to this, I had wash day. Went about my usual routine of finger detangling, clay treatment and deep conditioning. After deep conditioning, which I decided upon leaving in, I then begin my routine.

My hair had been separated into 4 sections while deep conditioning. So in that, I took down one twist at a time. I would then spritz that section with aloe vera juice, and then seal that moisture in with castor oil. On top of that, I layered on some nice gooey globs of white ecostyler gel and no, I did not hold back lol.

Repeated that throughout my entire head until my hair looked like this:

After that, I went in with my diffuser and diffused...for what seemed like the whole entire DAY but was really like a couple of hours (STILL TOO LONG!!!!!). At the very end, these were the results, and I promise you, these pics do NOT do enough justice!!!

Sorry for the creepy eyes lol

The definition I got is just kRaIzY sIcK!! It moves and swings with the wind but has so much definition it's just crazy!!!

So, of course, by the time I finished it, it was darn near night. I wore it out a bit to help the roots dry some more (yes in these pics it still wasn't dry... but you can't tell), but in the end, came home and decided to test the ways of the pineapple again...

I have a hate-love relationship with pineappling, mostly because my hair doesn't generally like to "fall back into place" most times and it looks weird to me in the end. But I decided to test it again anyway...

Next style to conquer? The TURBAN!!!!!!

And this morning when I awoke, so eager to see the fruits of my labor, I snatched off that scarf and proceeded to fluff and fluff and fluff until the only thing I was left with was a head full of gorgeous ringlets!

These are my edges... I don't think I've ever seen them coil up so
beautifully!! ♥

I think I should attribute majority of this to my new regimen and the way I care for my hair now. Because I've done wash and go's with routines similar to this and have gotten entirely different results! Results that I thought were great, but nowhere near this great!

I truly believe finger detangling and the clay treatments have enhanced my curl pattern so much til my hair can get definition in beauty with almost everything I try out and THAT'S what I've been trying to get out of my hair.

EEEEEEK!!! I get so excited when I see my curls all clumped up and swangin' because it's like FINALLY!!!! Finally, after all these years I'm FINALLY getting it RIGHT!!!!! lol

This is definitely going to stick. I may actually become a.... wha whaaaaaa!?

Wash and Go gal!!!

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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