Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Best Braidout to DATE!!!

I love this braidout more than any other braidout I've EVER DONE!!!!

And I think majority of this is because of the cut and the way my curls pre-separate.

So, routine first.

Basically, after deep conditioning overnight, I decided to leave the deep conditioner in and seal in with castor oil and twist into chunky twists which I think I already discussed.

That had been earlier in the day (like around eight or nine in the morning?), So I allowed my hair to airdry in those twists til about 6 or 7 in the evening and then I proceeded to put in my braids.

And yeah, I know what you're thinking but no, I did not use any of these tools to detangle and yes, I know that product has mineral oil in it. But for now, I'm just working with what I got!

I only used the rattail comb to change up my main part. I normally just leave my center part but this time I decided, maybe it would look cuter with a side part, so I did mine on the left. The denman brush was only used to lightly brush in the edges of my hair before applying a little more product to lay them down. That was it.

Overall, there was a total of 8 braids. 3 on either side and then two bigger braids on the center top(to add some volume and make it easier to cover other parts.

I then laid my edges down a bit more with ecostyler gel and only covered my edges with a satin scarf while I left the braids out to airdry (trying to let them dry as much as possible).

This morning, I ended up taking down the braids with a little avocado oil for added sheen and of course, my hair started to auto-separate into those wonderful clumps again.

But this time, they actually looked sooooo extremely PRETTY!!! I hope these pictures kind of speak for themselves because Nelly is looking something beautiful today!!!

The auto-separation of curls actually worked in my favor this time! It did NOT look like day 4 hair lol, I think it's also because I paid attention to lay my edges down a little as well... and maybe the side part does more justice for my hairstyles?

Whatever the cause, the result was absolutely phenomenal! This has to be one of my most favorite braidouts out of all the ones I've ever done since being natural! The layers are still there and it frames my face perfectly!

It's hard to tell in pictures, but I really am starting to notice my hair curl and clump more and not necessarily "frizz". I will admit, this is kind of new to me. Which means that since I've been natural, I have NOT been moisturizing my hair properly. Because I thought my hair was always more frizzy than curly. I always had to manually put curl and shape in my hair. I was always used to my hair being like..... curl-less when my hair was wet and barely any curl there if it dried.

I have never seen my hair hold so much curl and definition in one day without me having to put in so much work and effort. These days, I literally just rinse my hair and my curls are there. Yes! I've been WAITING on this day!!! lol

My hair has so much definition til I barely have to do any work lol. I think, besides the bentonite clay clumping my curls, I think alot of this should be attributed to my exclusively finger detangling as well. Now that I'm no longer using a comb and denman combination to manually put curls into my hair, I'm not manually obliterating my natural ringlets either, so there's no NEED to manually put curls in my hair.

I gotta admit, I'm starting to dig that "auto-separation" thing my curls got going now. They look BEAUTIFUL today!!!

But until next time!!

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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