Sunday, July 3, 2016

♥ June Wrap Up ♥

So, I figured, while I'm trying to build my regimen kinda from the ground up, I should go ahead and map out what worked and what didn't in each month... what kind of updates have happened and whatever else. So for now, here's my



Aloe Vera Juice     Definitely a new staple! So moisturizing and smells sweet in my hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar    So far, I just use ACV to mix up my bentonite clay and it truly makes the lumps melt with minimum effort! I know that ACV is also a clarifier that helps cleanse the scalp, so it may be serving a purpose there too...

Bentonite Clay     YES! LOVE THIS!!!!! It's helping my curls come back to life most certainly and after every wash day my hair feels so soft especially after deep conditioning. Must always remember to make sure that all clay has been rinsed from the scalp though, that's the only tedious part...

Castor Oil    Has always been and will probably always be a hit for me. I just have to work on usage but so far, castor oil is great for sealing in the moisture and I'm also noticing that castor oil helps with definition to but... because it's oil, it's definition doesn't hold that long.

Finger Detangling      Is actually...noooot bad. I know I tried this way back before, I tried to become an avid finger detangler. This time I didn't actually "vow" to be an exclusive finger detangler it just... kinda... happened. I'm digging it so far, the more that I do it, I'm finding more ways and techniques to make it easier and less overwhelming. I definitely think it's helping attribute to the thickness of my hair tho...

Layering My Hair       LOVE! I love this new cut and layer thing I got going on. It truly does make a difference in your hair and how styles look on you. I'll be keeping up with this more often, for sure.


Flaxseed Gel      I'm not sure how I feel about flaxseed gel as of now. It's not a TRUE miss but, as it stands, it's not a TRUE hit either. Honestly, it's more "miss" than "hit" for me which is why it's going on the "Miss List". I don't know if it's because my flaxseeds have age on them, if it's because I'm not cooking it right or maybe I don't have the right ingredients to add but it hardens my hair, at some points more than others, and even with all that "hardening" it doesn't give crazy weight and definition when styling a wash and go. Plus, it seems to expire fast and I found it dries out my hair more than it moisturizes it. Overall, just a hassle, so yeah... I'll keep experimenting with it but probably not too often...

Wash and Go's with Light Product        It's not that the actual wash and go was bad, it's because of the aftermath when I went to finger detangle it was TORTURE and I ended up snipping so many knots and single strand knots. Something else I'll be working with because one of the reasons I'm trying to experiment with the curlier side of my natural hair (such a weird thing to say, right? lol) is because I'd like to wear more wash and go's but with minimal stress...prior to, during and afterwards, feel me? But as of now... it was a miss.


Since it's a new regimen, I have been noticing a few different things...

  • The middle of my hair and back are starting to show their natural curl definition after rinsing out the bentonite clay, though the front areas still are more frizzy then curly.
  • One side of my hair (the left side) seems more defined and elongated then the other (right side) which seems more poofy and less defined. It becomes much more noticeable while the clay is applied in my hair....weird...
  • My curls/ringlets are much smaller than I thought... they're much like coffee stirrer curls rather than a small pencil...
  • So far, it's hard to keep moisture in my hair. I have to do it daily, sometimes twice a day...


I will note, about the length thing. I know I vowed not to do one until the end of the year, but that doesn't mean I don't check it periodically. I really feel like my hair has grown a lot already and it hasn't really even a been a month since I took the first length check pic. I don't know, I may end up doing a length check on the 3 month (which would be in September or sometime like that) and then another one in December...only if I really feel like I'm retaining a lot of length. But honestly, the more I pull at it, I feel like Nelly has grown a lot!

So that's my wrap up for last month! Hopefully July will be just as (if not even MORE) productive!

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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