Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cycle 5 Wrap Up

So, awoke this morning after those crazy dreams lol and decided to put better use to Nelly and stop my hair from dripping all over my towel-draped pillows. This is how I'm going to start deep conditioning from now on. This is the only time my hair looks cute in a top knot bun lol...

Again this time, I decided against rinsing out the deep conditioner. These days there's a fine line between wanting to infuse more moisture into my strands and just pure laziness lol. But I think today edged on the more lazy side lol. But hey, on the flip side, I DID get some better pictures of my curls with the deep conditioner still in it, so it wasn't TOTAL laziness!!

You can see a little better here that my curls are starting to pop more and from my own experience, they pop a lot more here than they did from my first wash cycle!

I followed my same routine from my last wash day and just sealed the deep conditioner in with castor oil and twisted up into 8 chunky twists or 4 on each side. I did lose a few more shedded strands (and ended up trimming out one tiny knot) and this was it...

And this is the finished result so far...

And they will be airdrying for the time being. I guess this is how I'll normally set my hair directly after wash day. But I'm actually feeling like doing a braidout. Maybe later on this evening I'll install some braids. I'll try to do it neatly so maybe when I take it down and they go sprawling all everywhere in there own pre-separated clumps, it won't look so "worn" like it has been lately. I gotta figure out how to style my hair again, I suppose that will be my new "short term" goal. Because my hair IS growing, now I just don't know how to style it... womp.

Such is life!

But until next time,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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