Monday, July 18, 2016

Braidout ~ Day 2

So last night, I ended up remoisturizing with a spritz of aloe vera juice, sealed that in with castor oil and topped it with some more of the Quenching Curls Coconut Hair Cream product. I also gelled down my edges again, and this is how my night routine was looking...

I'm finding that wrapping my edges around the edges first helps my edges lay smooth while air is able to hit the rest of my hair (and get it to dry quicker). I have a satin pillowcase that I normally use throughout the day when I'm just chilling. But right before I actually go to bed, I do throw on my satin bonnet for extra security you know... just cause I'm cautious these days...

In the morning, I took down. They were FULLY dried (finally). The definition I got again was crazy sick! I love my hair pre-separation mode. It's just so thick and chunky and juice looking!

And then I began to just run my fingers down each section and the curls naturally separated into their own individual homes. Left with another beautiful day of hair!

Sidenote: Aren't my camera skills getting better!?

I got tons of compliments on my hair today! I felt like a supermodel everywhere I walked lol. But then I remember why I don't normally wear my hair out.

One, all that hair sitting around my face makes my skin GREASY. And pair that greasy skin with greasy GLASSES just makes me so irritable.

And two. Good ol' Florida loves to throw in that random lightning storm while on your lunch break. O____O" Yes, gotta love it!

Towards the end of the day, I ended up pulling it back into a little low puff, my usual go-to and what I'll be wearing tomorrow for sure.

Coming home and getting ready to moisturize, this is what it looked like beforehand...

And then I moisturized again. Since I didn't plan on wearing it out tomorrow, I only moisturized by spritzing with aloe vera juice and sealing with castor oil. No extra product to hold for it's not necessary. And I also twisted it up this time. Twists are quicker than braids and besides that I can twist larger sections of my hair than I can in braids. Haaa, so lazy tonight!

I will note that during this moisturizing session, I lost almost NO breakage. Throughout my whole head I can probably say I lost like 7 broken strands (not including shedded strands) and honestly, there weren't that many shredded strands either. I lost very little hair today and I'm proud of that! Means that at the very least, my hair is maintaining moisture and health.

I've also gotten an idea of what I'm looking for in moisturized hair. I don't know if I have a LOONG way to go, but today was definitely a right track! My hair was so soft and plush today. It felt like a nice huge squishy ball of silky cotton. I would like to think that's how ideally moisturized hair (at least mine) should feel. I mean, SOMETHING has to be right, it definitely wasn't breaking today. I feel I still have a long way to go as far as like MHM and whatever goes, but I'm pretty confident in saying that Nelly is in a better state today than she has been for like the past 2-3 years!

So until next time!

 ♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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