Saturday, July 2, 2016

Better Wash Days

This wash day had it's haulting moment while finger detangling...

And I think it's because this week I decided to disregard initially stretching my hair and opting to try a wash and go instead. While it was not TOTALLY in vain, I think it earned me one of the longest finger detangling sessions I've had since I've started this regimen. Not necessarily the length, but the roots of my hair seemed more meshed than usual. So I'm not sure if the long finger detangling session today was from me not doing them thoroughly prior to..? Or if my not stretching my hair throughout the week made it mesh up more at the roots?

This week I had been keeping my hair in a 'type' of curly puff something identical to the one pictured. All week. I had been spraying it with aloe vera juice because I think my flaxseed gel went bad (even tho I kept it in the refrigerator) because my hair started to feel dry. But what was odd was that even after spritzing aloe vera juice and wrapping it down, after awhile it still felt dry. Maybe because I didn't have anything to seal in the moisture so it evaporated out of my hair? That's a possibility.

I love this puff tho! :)

This week was one of Nelly's drier weeks, I'll say so hopefully this wash day she'll be re-infused with moisture and ready for the upcoming week.

But regardless, I don't plan on doing a wash and go any time soon. I did so much snipping of knots today it wasn't even FUNNY. Finger detangling wasn't terrible in itself, but I feel I lost my most hair today than any other wash day...definitely... Something like this...

That looks like a LOT to me. And it was a compilation of shedded strands....haaa, and broken strands.

I have finished HALF of wash day (currently deep conditioning). I tried to take a decent picture of my hair after rinsing in the shower and before applying my deep conditioner to see what my true curls are looking like. I guess this is considered Cycle 4 so far, and this is what my CAMERA captured...

It's....pretty close. It has a lot more definition in person though the front is still dry looking. It looks like it's TRYING to curl but it's not really "there" yet. I don't know, still working on it.

But my hair is definitely curly all around. I think it's getting better since my first wash day, I really do love this regimen GAWD it's so simple. And I've also started using the extra bentonite clay on my face and just do an all around treatment for my hair and face. I think this regimen is pretty nice, I just gotta figure out my products now because the routine seems to be pretty beneficial thus far... No complaints. Just trying to find the right things to keep my hair moisturized now.

But until next time,

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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