Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wrapping Up Wash Day

Today is wrapping up wash day-day. Because I choose to DC overnight, my wash days are usually always a two-day process. But because the routine of it is so simple and takes like an hour one day and an hour the next, it's really not as long as you might think.

These curls were how it looked early this morning with the deep conditioner still in my hair. After these pics, I then coated my hair in castor oil and separated the hair into six chunky twists that I wore my simple black beanie over (yes it still liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!!!!!). Like I said in my previous posts, I feel like my curls today were a little more defined than they were last week. But of course, my camera pics are crappy so you can't really see it like I see it in the mirror. But the front is usually the area that frizzes out first and this wash day...while it did frizz eventually, it stayed defined for a minute and actually still had a little curl even after drying a bit. So I definitely think this clay-based wash day is working and I'll continue to use it and see what the long term benefits will be!

I also decided to document the hair lost from this wash day. I think it's a smaller amount from last week and significantly a smaller amount that what I'm accustomed to losing on wash day. The first picture is after the clay application and all the finger detangling from yesterday and then the smaller picture is what was lost today while moisturizing and setting my hair into twists. This, though, does not account all the small and broken strands I've also lost today and yesterday which I will admit was a fairly significant amount. It wasn't as bad as it USED to be but still, it was pretty noticeable and not a trait you would find with healthier hair so yes, my hair has some work to do.

Hair from yesterday after finger detangling with water and clay application

Hair from today after moisturizing and styling

I'll also note that between last wash day, moisturizing all week, and this week's wash day, I have exclusively been finger detangling. Honestly, I haven't really found it too necessary to use my denman and wide tooth comb. So no, I'm not "intentionally" trying to become an "Avid Finger Detangler" again, it's just...kinda....happening.

I'll also note that apparently, last night I hadn't completely rinsed out the Bentonite Clay so I ended up hopping back in the shower to re-rinse it better and along with that went all the deep conditioner I had been holding in my hair. This of course was later on in the day. When I had first got up, I did try to twist my hair in six chunky twists after sealing the moisture in with some castor oil and wore my hat over it today. It was nice and silky to the touch when I took down the twists and rinsed in the shower. This time I did kinda rub at my scalp within each twists so I'm fairly sure I got all of it out.

So out of shower, it was time to moisturize, and this week, this is what I'll be doing...

You'll see that from last wash.., or week of moisturizing, that I left out the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhacning Smoothie. Reason is is because last week, I decided to try that along with aloe vera juice but without the old batch of flaxseed gel to see if that was aiding in that "dry feeling" as well. And while my hair didn't feel "straw-like" didn't really feel "moisturized" to me. More like dry and "greasy" and I mean worst than castor oil IMO. So I decided not to use that this round and see what these products could justify in Nelly.

Oh yes, and I also made a new batch of flaxseed gel. More details to come later :)

Basically, I went into each twists, spritzed my hair down with cold aloe vera juice (I LOVE that stuff!!) and then applied flaxseed gel, and then castor oil and twisted my hair up with nothing else. I'm eager to see what my hair will look like tomorrow...and also if it will dry faster than the braids did last week. This is Nelly pre-moisturized...

Pre-moisturized hair post second rinse

And then this is Nelly after moisturizing...

Post moisturizing with aloe vera juice, flaxseed gel and castor oil.

Right now, it is airdrying under my scarf for the night. Hopefully it'll be dry by the morning time. It feels kind of weird to be trying to re-make my regimen after having been through so many of them since I've been natural lol. I hope this will be the one that sticks after I perfect it... I also hope this will be the regimen that gets me to a healthy classic length stretched with beautiful coily hair! We'll just have to wait and see now won't we?

But until next time,

 Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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