Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wash Day Improvements!

Okay, so yesterday was... I believe wash day 3 since beginning this new regimen.

First off, I think this "base regimen" I got going for Nelly is going to be the one that sticks. Reasons so far is because...

I timed it yesterday and the first half of doing my hair (finger detangling, Bentonite Clay application and rinsing and applying deep conditioner) takes about  hours. And today, it took about 1.5 hours to do my hair (but it could've been shorter but I'll explain why later on).

Water Based
As I've mentioned previously before, my hair thrives very much on the frequent use of water. I am beginning to notice that my hair has little to no breakage each and everyday. I think I have about the same in shedded strands, but even THAT'S not a lot.

Coilier Hair
From the above tip, I really feel like because my hair is staying pretty moisturized, it's bringing up my "maximum hydration". I don't think my hair is anywhere near it right least in the front, but my curls are getting better and better with each wash day.

There's nothing I love more than a regimen with few and simple steps. It's not complicated at all, just finding the right products and product combinations right now. Though I feel like the products I'm using are FINE... I'm just still experimenting around.

So far, that's what the benefits have been since I started this regimen and I definitely think this regimen is something I'll be keeping up with.

This time I've decided to experiment around and see what will make wash day easier and add more benefits to my hair. And so far it seems that everything I've switched up with wash day will become a staple. Now the question is...

What did I doooooo?? (cue Legend of Zelda *bim bim bim biiiiiiiiiim* lol sorry)

I heard about this tip over and over but figured it wasn't anything dramatic but after using it last night. Yes. It is a STAPLE. Mixing Bentonite Clay with only water will definitely earn you a few muscles during wash day. Yes it can be a difficult process, and messy when you're trying to mash all the lumps and one of them happens to jump free from the bowl onto your lovely bathroom walls, mirrors, counters and floors... -_-"   I used this ACV instead of water to mix up the clay... I literally didn't even have to mix it. I know it sounds weird lol, but I just kinda "folded" the clay around and the lumps seem to melt on their own. No extra elbow grease on my part! The ACV truly made that process much easier.

I just came across this tip recently too. I'm not sure if it really aided in anything with the Bentonite, but I read that the bentonite clay actually reacts to metal. I don't know if that means the bentonite clay doesn't work as well or dulls the effects that it has on your hair... I want to believe that had some truth to it because my hair was MUCH better after this wash day. So yes, I'm going to continue to mix with a wooden spoon.

This was something I wasn't doing previously and it made the clay mixture that much more difficult. I don't know WHY lol but spritzing each section with a little water and then applying clay makes it go on so much smoother and saturates into your hair that much more easily.

So that's what new techniques and products I'll be doing. The ACV made the clay into like a very "cake batter" consistency instead of it's normal "dirt pie feel". The clay was so smooth and silky, it glided into my hair so easily. And spraying each section with water first made the application THAT much easier. I was done applying clay to my hair in about 20 minutes (as opposed to about 30) and there wasn't any clay flung anywhere in my bathroom! YES!!! (although still drape your floors with an old towel you don't care about)

Finger detangling was kind of a longer process in the beginning. Finger detangling took me an hour and twenty minutes I timed it. And I finger detangled out of the six twists I had been wearing.

I forgot to mention, about two days prior to wash day, I begin to run out of aloe vera juice. And add to the fact that I was working MAJOR OT with work and not feeling up to moisturize my hair in it's normal routine, I skipped the "traditional" moisturizing the past two days and only spritzed my twists with aloe vera juice and water. I never took them out the twists, just wrapped them up in my black scarf and called it a day. Last night when I took them out to finger detangle, STILL little to no broken strands were lost and this was the shedded hair I lost completely after wash day was done altogether...

Pretty much after finger detangling, I didn't lose anymore hair. I maybe lost like 5 or 7 shedded strands while rinsing in the shower but after that...nothing. And no, I'm NOT exaggerating. Nelly's health has been shooting up quite a bit!

After finger detangling and applying the bentonite clay to my face (I also decided to use it on my face too... I had a lot left), I let it sit in my hair for about 15-20 minutes. Another thing, I was sure that when using either ACV or the wooden spoon with the bentonite clay, that because the clay would be at it's 100%, that it would start burning my scalp like it did the first time I used it... Nope! It was still easy to tolerate... though it hardened on my face like CRAZY!! lol I seriously could not talk!

Rinsing in the shower, I made sure to rub my scalp with my fingertips to ensure that I got the bentonite clay off my scalp. I haven't seen any leftover patches in my curls since, so I'm sure I did a good job in doing so.

I applied my ORS Deep Conditioner as usual and let it sit usual.

Hair with deep conditioner in it before I rinsed it out.

Today, I decided to attempt... a wash and go!

So I rinsed out the deep conditioner in the shower, and then I misted my hair with cold aloe vera juice, applied lots and LOTS of flaxseed gel... then I sealed it in with castor oil and quickly ran my hair underneath the running shower water to rinse off the excess castor oil. Then I covered my face with a towel and shook my head around a bit... Couldn't have taken me no more than 15 minutes to do honestly...

Now I have to say, that when I applied these products and it was still wet... I had absolutely NO faith that I would get a good wash and go.

And honestly, I didn't.... But, not in a bad way. I.... before I try to explain, here are a few pics. This is Nelly with product applied, but still wet...

And this is Nelly fully dried after airdrying for about 20 minutes and diffusing for about 30 minutes (seriously not long at all!)

See how it looks the same!?

It shrunk up a little bit after it dried but not nearly as much as I thought it would've lol. I don't think my hair has a lot of shrinkage to begin with...well, wait. Let me take that back lol. My hair DOES have a lot of shrinkage but I think only up to 50%. But, as I have experimented in the past before, if I do and apply absolutely nothing to my hair after washing it, it can and WILL shrink up a little more past that percentage. And can we say knot city????


Because I've been shocked by products before such as Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie that usually leave me no hope when it's still drying but after it dries it's like YES MAAAAAA'AM!!!!!! I decided to put my faith in the Flaxseed Gel.

And honestly, it wasn't terrible. It's definitely fluffy, it's more frizzy than I'm accustomed to having on first day hair. This is hair that I would expect to have at around day 3 or 4. It's not that I didn't like it, I do. My hair is curly and coily in all the right places, but it's just a little too big. It's like the gel holds my "curls" together, but it's not heavy enough to have "weight" on my know? So it didn't do a great job in "holding it down" lol...

I'm thinking that as my hair continues to get curlier with it's 'maximum hydration' and everything, I won't NEED to have heavy products to hold my hair down since my curls will kinda elongate themselves...

OH! That's another thing I wanted to add.

I'm starting to notice that like half of my hair is elongating. It's weird, but today before I rinsed out the conditioner, I noticed that one side was just a TEENSY bit longer than the other side and also, that same side was also a little more "curled" than the other. I'm wondering if that side is curling more because I always start wash day and clay application on that side. So on my next couple wash days, I'm gonna start on the OPPOSITE side so that THAT side can get the "extra few minutes" with the clay on and hopefully it'll start elongating together...

But so far, that's it! Wash days are getting so much better! Not to mention how fun it is to evaluate Nelly's health every week! lol

Until next time tho,

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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