Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Wash Day Routine?

So, I decided to try and give a glimpse into this wash day.

This would be my second time doing this and I have to say, this is probably the most simplest and shortest wash day routines I have ever had that leaves my hair in it's most optimal state. I mean, I've had simple routines on here with simple products before but none of them leave my hair ultra curly and moisturized right after rinsing which is why I'm LOVING this new routine.

I'd have to say the longest part of it is finger detangling...and after that, it's pretty much smooth sailing. First of all, if you did not watch JourneytoWaistLength's video that I posted before, here it is again because this is basically the regimen I'm doing....

For the finger detangling, I took a little more time in finger detangling my hair this time... it took me about 20-30 minutes in total to finger detangle I'll say... I basically spritzed it with water as she did but I finger detangled a little more thoroughly and twisted my hair into 4 chunky twists before I started to apply the clay...

I only mixed my Bentonite with only water. I don't have any measurements but it was a lot of clay and a lot of water. lol I'll get better at this. But I then proceeded to apply the clay to my hair AND scalp this time in hopes to cleanse my scalp a bit more. This was my hair pre-finger detangling and bentonite application...

And this was my hair while after the bentonite clay was thoroughly applied...

Curls are totally coming back to life!!!

I loved it last week I did but I must say that, apart from the first time I tried it, my front is starting to define a little more and my coils are starting to form from root to tip. It still has some frizziness so I don't think my hair is that near to it's maximum hydration yet, but I can definintely see improvement.

Right now, there are no finishing pictures because wash day is not done. If you've read my posts of the past then you understand I do love deep conditioning overnight lol. That has not changed!

I hopped in the shower to rinse just as she did, without manipulating my curls to much and maybe lightly rubbing at my scalp to make sure all the bentonite was rinsed out. Then I globbed on some ORS Replenishing Conditioner and saturated it all throughout my strands and now my Nelly is currently nextled up in a plastic cap and bonnet getting ready to bake overnight lol.

I gotta say, I'm definitely loving the simplicity of this regimen and the results I'm gaining! I think Nelly's health is definitely turning around for the better in doing this and I'm not losing a lot of time in doing my hair. It's a pretty quick in and out process aside from the finger detangling (which still isn't even that long). It can be messy when applying the clay but if you just lay down towels everywhere lol, the cleanup should be pretty easy peasy.

I assume that when I get ready to style it again, I probably won't rinse out the DC again like I did last time and maybe just braid or twist it up or something... I don't know. Maybe a wash and go?

Welp, until next time...

♥ Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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