Monday, June 20, 2016

Nelly's Lookin Up!

So far, so good.

For one thing, I know I definitely ovecooked the first batch of flaxseed gel because this second one has been a lot more rewarding with softer hair and better definition! I'm still practicing different ways to use it, and honestly, I don't believe this flaxseed gel has the ability to hold definition in my hair... but I don't know for sure. And with this bentonite clay constantly having my curls clump into little tiny ringlets... it may not need heavy gel on it...but I don't truly know.

All day today, my hair was positively fluffy and soft! Towards the end of the day, I definitely noticed the difference in moisture levels and it felt a little drier. But I'm glad to say that the straw-feeling is a thing of the past this week! So I suppose now, my problem is not that my routine is not moisturizing my hair, It's that my hair isn't staying moisturized. It dries out within the day, so I have to figure out some ways to get around that.

But I suppose that is what is to be with natural hair right? When I used to use shea butter, my hair would be able to go at least 2 days without having to be moisturized again. But I stopped using shea butter because of the greasiness it left in my hair, and it's getting even hotter these days and with it getting longer, the last thing I want is a greasy film of shea butter all over my glasses lol. So I'm not willing to go back to shea butter right at this moment. I'm aiming for soft and fluffy hair which I'm definitely on the right track to with what I'm using.

I'll also note that I think this water-moisture regimen is helping my hair a lot!

I normally battle, HARD with the itty bitty broken strands and yes, they have been prevalent. But I must say, during tonight's moisturizing session, there were little to none that showed up. If any showed up, they were in my front-right section and I only saw like maybe five translucent broken strands. Majority was shedded strands, and it wasn't even a lot of those.

I have to say, in jut a couple of weeks, I'm starting to see improvements in Nelly already! Just have to keep up with this regimen but so far, the benefits of this regimen is great! It's simple and not tedious with several steps (so far anyway lol), it's helping infuse my hair with a lot of moisture, it's helping my curls develop again... I'm just loving the effects!

Well, until next time....

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily ♥

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