Sunday, June 12, 2016

Length Check and Hair Goals

Okay, it is time to document length checks again. Man, I haven't done a length check....pretty much since I was last here back in May?

Like I said, it's probably shorter than the last one because I did all that layering the other day. I was able to take down my braids which turned into one of thee GREATEST braidouts I've ever done in awhile! I think half of that should be attributed to my cut and the way it falls. FINALLY, the front does not cover the whole shape of my hair and it actually looks and feels more bouncy and lively. I will certainly be keeping up with this way of cutting and layering of my hair. It makes me want to style my hair a LOT more but hopefully I won't have to. I have no idea HOW the front got that much longer than the rest of my hair, but it looks better now. :)

Anyways, this is going to be my starting point. I have pictures of my front and side length checks, but since I was in my bra, I didn't want to post those. Next time, I won't be lazy to go and change into a tank top. But the back is really my main concern anyway since the front will always be layered. I want the back part to reach CL stretched and the rest to fall into place. I'm not so concerned about the front anymore since it'll probably outgrow the rest again... maybe. I don't know.

So far, I like the wash day routine I've started on. Even though my braidout turned out fierce, defined, and so crazy cute!... (Wish I had my camera so I could capture the definition, the view on my phone is crap) ...I still feel it had a little roughness to it. Probably from that Coconut Curls product that had mineral oil in it? Don't get me wrong my braidout is soft, but it still feels like it has the hard casting of feels like I used gel to style my hair when I didn't. So I'm going to try that microwaveable flaxseed gel and see if that makes any difference in the feel of my braidout for tomorrow but so far, the braidout is gorgeous! Maybe I can get a better picture tomorrow...we'll see.

But I know one thing is for sure, this little wash day routine is awesome! I think it's a great starting regimen and if it goes well for this little month trial, hopefully it'll be something I stick with for years to my ORS deep conditioner. I'm just kind of skeptical of what the long term effect of using Bentonite Clay weekly will do for my hair. Granted, I will always DC right after rinsing it out, much like how you should do after shampooing my hair but since it's more of a detox clay that constantly pulls toxins out of my hair... I just wonder how my hair will react to it over a longer period of time.

Well, can't do much else other than try.

I'm not sure how often I'll do length checks. This time around, I really do want to be more focused on my hair health and having healthy ends. How often did I do them before? Like every 3 months? I think I'll do every 6 months for now and maybe as I get closer to my hair length goal, every year or whatever. I'm sure the longer my hair gets, the less concerned I'll be with length but still striving for classic length stretched in the back.

I would say, besides attaining Classic Length stretched in the back, my other goal is revive my natural hair coils. Yes, I'm still kinda hyped about that Maximum Hydration Method. But I'm not really doing it how you're supposed to be doing it. I think the DC I use is not MHM approved because I believe it has a few unnatural products in it. But regardless my hair loves it and it works for me.  And also, I DC after I do the bentonite treatment... I guess I kinda do it but not really lol. I'm hoping with keeping up with *my* wash day regimen that my curls and coils will start reaching MHM...eventually. I can't wait til my hair can dry and my coils will still be there and fully defined by the time it dries completely! That's another thing I'm working towards. So I guess those are my hair goals...

  • Reach CLASSIC LENGTH STRETCHED in the back of my hair
  • Have my curls reach MHM so that they coil from root to tip and remain that way when dry
  • Maintain healthy hair and healthy ends
  • Maintain cute cute

Yeah, and that's basically it. It's June 12 I suppose I'll document my next length check December 12, 2016 and see how far my hair has come. So hang tight! And until next time...

Keep calm 'n coily ♥

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