Sunday, June 26, 2016

Doing Mah Nails Nah!?... Nail Style #1 - Marshmallow Nails

Yeah. I'm shocked.

I've been so plain jane my whole entire life, adding the slightest color anywhere is like shifting the Universe one centimeter to the left. And suddenly, life is just all out of whack! lol

But, no seriously. I've been feeling the urge to be more.... "girly"?? lol Hey, I've been pretty much a near-tomboy all my life. Tees, jeans, sneakers, and barely any makeup or jewelry. The only thing that really prevented me from shifting into the "tomboy" look was my silver loop earrings that I wear religiously lol.

But... I don't know. Lately, I've just been really into colors. Bright colors and..... lace. I am nowhere near any kind of Fashionista, but this year I would like to try honing in on my "personal style"... I'm sure that I have one but it's just hiding somewhere deep down eagerly waiting for it's time to see the light of day.

I will start this journey through means of my nails. I think it's a great way for me to discover what kind of colors I like and what looks good against my skin. Maybe it would make it easier for me when I'm looking for cute and colorful shirts you know?

So I went in Sally's yesterday and started my collection off with these pastels...

A white "White On White - 023" color which I really intended to use as a base underneath the pastel colors so that maybe they could look a little 'brighter' than just painting them against my regular nails. But I really like this white, IMO, I think it's a really nice bright white that would look good for a french tip...if I could actually DO French Tips. I'm sure there's an easy and simple way to do french tips but, that's not what I was going for this time around.

Then I got a peach color "More To Explore - 1383" which I am really loving right now! Years ago, I used to paint my nails ONE color. And it was this porcelain kind of color which was pretty much like a nude pink. Only color I ever wore whenever I DID do my nails lol. So plain jane. This peach color is kind of my way to gradually move on from that "porcelain" neutral tone into more vibrant colors.

And lastly, I decided to be ballsy lol and get an aqua color "At Vase Value - 1299". I don't really know what I'm gonna do with that color or when I'm gonna wear it. I just bought it because I had been seeing so many ladies with that beautiful blue! Now I have it and I'm just watching it on my night table lol. I'll do something it though, I will! But it was free though!

Since I'm not some Nail Styling Connoisseur, I have no idea what a good polish is from the bad polish. But China Glaze was one of the nail polishes that I loved back in the day, so I decided to return. They still have beautiful colors in my opinion and their colors are still so thick and vibrant in my opinion. I'm pretty sure the better polishes, like hair products, are higher in price. Shoot, China Glaze was already $7 a bottle! -_-" I'm such a cheap skate sometimes but whatever....yesterday I decided not to be too cheap again and just go ahead and get them. Plus, it was Buy 2 Get 1... So I saved $7 which is always a great thing!

Before I painted my nails, I did cut them all down to an even length. My nails (like my hair) also grow in weird ways. My ring and pinky fingers usually grow the longest and the fastest. All my nails grow really long really fast, but, I guess because I do a lot of labor that cracks my nails (plus I'm also a bit of a nail biter), my index fingers and thumbnails are normally always the shorter ones. I don't usually let them get past a certain length before I get the urge to bite them off lol. So I did cut my nails to an even length altogether and buff them or whatever you call it...file? With the nail file. I also washed and scrubbed them with this random nail brush that's been hiding in one of my drawers for AGES now lol. And then I painted my nails.

This is my first design...sorta...

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now.... I really don't know why I never did because it's so freaking simple lol. On my other hand, I actually did it opposite. In the picture which is my right hand, I did 3 nails in the peach and 2 nails white. On my left hand (not shown) I did 3 nails white and 2 nails peach. I like it though.... I'll call this style my...


I also painted my toes all peach (with the white base underneath for more vibrancy). I'm excited though! I kinda want to challenge myself in creativity. But I don't plan to do a new style every day like some of these nail challenges I've come across on Pinterest (yes, I did a search o_o"). Maybe like once a week? Try to do something different? Kinda force myself to be creative or whatever as I'm also getting my hair back to a healthier state.

I don't know. It's not anything official per se, but I think I'll try to do a new style once a week for now. Really though, I'm digging these Marshmallow Nails though. But I think they look very bad and amateur-ish definitely. My pinky on my other hand is like drowning in polish from trying to fix some corrections lol but hey... everyone has to have a starting point at some point. :)

But until next time

♥ Keep it calm 'n coily (and colorful) ♥

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