Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beatin Lizards Like a BOSS!! { D R E A M S }

I haven't had a strange and crazy dream in a while, but this one kinda freaked me out.

And to make matters worse, a couple days ago I JUST got rid of lizard that got in my home lol. He got swatted with my broom so many times before I eventually rolled him out the door, and I totally relived that moment like an epic CG cut scene just now in this dream. I'll try to explain it as best as I can without sounding.... too crazy.

It starts off with me being sleep in my bed in front of the computer (odd). Suddenly I wake up to the faint sound of a door being slammed outside (wonder how I heard that?). So I jump up and look outside and realize it was my sister (wth?). I saw her get in the backseat of....her own car (???) while someone else drove her away. So I grabbed at my phone and started calling her and she didn't pick up. And so I texted her I was like "Were you just here? I didn't hear you" or something like that but she never responded.

So I go to my living room and out the corner of my eye. There's this freakin LIZARD!! He was like dark green with some orange, I vaguely remember, but he definitely had round orange cheeks. He had a couple buddies around him but they were all escaping in this crease or something under my kitchen cabinets. So I'm watching all these lizards leave and my initial thought.... Call the Office in the morning and get them on this crease-thang lol.

But I figured they were leaving, but I'm watching them. And Mr. Bold Orange Cheek LIZARD turns to me and I guess he decides "YOLO" and starts running after me.

Okay, I got scared. I HATE when lizards leap at me like that. Somehow, I ended up with the broom in my hand and I stabbed at him a few times but he was leaping for me like some kind of animal kingdom gangsta! I don't know like he was avenging the reptile mafia or something, it was strange! And I remember thinking to myself, I was like "why the heck is this lizard chasing me like this?".

So I end up in my room, on the bed, this lizard is like crawling on the bed trying to get to me, I have no idea WHY so all of a sudden while this lizard is just trying to massacre me, I get all ballsy and I look at this lizard like "alright, today you DIE".

I turned into super woman or some crap, started using my broom like some kinda black-belted broom ninja. I stabbed at this lizard, choked him by the THROAT and rolled him outside with all his homies watching. Slammed the door.

Thought I was done.

But he's too cute to be evil right?... WRONG!

Then I started noticing the floor and started seeing all these LIZARDS in the CARPET!!!! (wth?) There were dead ones all turned up lying all their backs, there were baby ones and there were huge iguana-sized ones slowly coming for me. And I'm just like "okay, I'm about to kick some ass" and I just start SWATTING them like I was fighting real people or something. Eventually, I just ended up opening the door and they all leaped out (the big ones at least) and then I woke up...

What the heck was that?

First thing I'm about to do is to check and make sure there are no crevices under my kitchen cabinet....and next thing is probably have a bottle of something lol no I'm kidding. I'm about to go do my hair I guess but....that was just weird. O_O

And note **I don't hate lizards... I just hate them in my house**

So until next time,

♥ Keep it calm'n coily (and lizard-free) ♥

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