Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Regimen Is Changing....again....

Nothing about my haircare is written in stone, especially when it comes to my regimen. But I think it's finally starting to morph for the better. Currently though I am low on funds so the product(s) I use now are not at all up to the standard I would like it to be at, but I am starting to get in a routine of the "new regimen" I think will become part of my life. It's just that it's a very, very daily routine. Not like just moisturizing and sealing-daily, but like daily wash/detangle/moisturize...daily.

The only product (yes, just ONE product...told ya'll I was broke! lol) has been the Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter conditioner and though I clearly enjoy the smell of this has silicones *frowny face*. For this Max Hydration Regimen that I wanted to start in the short future, ingredients such as silicone are quite a big no-no and I understand why. Silicones close out moisture and it dries out the hair. I know first hand that this conditioner is very drying for my hair for that's why I consistently have to rinse it out daily and re-apply.

What I've been doing to make this work is every night when I get off from work and hop in the shower, I just wet down the twists that I have in. The 11 I started out with have been combined and condensed to now make 6 twists (3 on each side) altogether. The process is normally soak the twists with water a bit just to loosen the hard, flakiness of the conditioner. Then suddenly it's soft and smooth again. At that time, starting from the back and working to the front, I go one twist at a time taking it apart, finger detangling it very, very well under the running water, twisting it back up and repeating with the remaining twists. When all the twists have been fully detangled, I commence the rest of my shower.

Then I get out of the shower (the heat nauseates me easily) and proceed to re-coat the twists with globs of the suave conditioner I have. Smooth it in really, really well and wrap it up for the night. In the morning, the roots are dried out but the twists are fairly damp. So I spritz the roots with water and prep it to go under my wig and go to work.

I've been doing this for close to a week now and you would think with a product that constantly and consistently dries my hair of moisture, I would be getting less-than ideal results right? But that actually has not been the case which proved to me that technique has as much to do with hair health as well as the product you choose. Though finding a well-moisturizing product will also do quite a bit of help.

I've been monitoring my hair a great deal and I've been doing this process and working with this conditioner for about 5 days now...Five days? Something like that, it's close to a week. And in this time frame alone... I've experienced little to no breakage. Since I'm finger detangling on a daily basis, I experience little to no shedding REALLY!!!! I haven't experienced any meshing or matting of my hair roots, it's been staying well detangled. And my twists are also starting to look thick and a little bit shinier.

My theory?

It's the water.

I know that water is the ultimate moisturizing source and with me using the silicone-based conditioner, it in a way seals the moisture in for me since I have no oil or butters on hand. But the thing is, it also strips it and dries it out which is why I have to do it daily. But it's the water really helping my hair to thrive at this point until I get some more moisturizing products under my belt and can ultimately start trying out the Max Hydration method! =) Super excited about that! lol I can't wait to see my natural curls.

Sometimes I think my hair is already trying to curl a little more but it still frizzes out as it dries which I know more than anything has to do with drying products. But for right now, until I get to Friday this is how I have to deal. lol

But I do like the fact that wetting my hair daily in the shower is actually starting to go by faster. Since I already have a technique of actually finger detangling in the shower, the only thing I need to add is a good product and I think I have a new regimen in place. I'm gonna invest in Giovanni's Smooth as Silk deeper moisture and the 50:50 Hydrating Balance conditioner for the Max Hydration thing though I don't think it's recommended because it has vitamin B5. But the strict regimen is really toward type 4c low-porosity hair, but my hair can take the giovanni conditioner so I'm ignoring this ingredient. LOL! I have normal porosity hair so I don't think this ingredient will affect my hair too much. Besides, I have great memories with my Giovanni conditioners! lol

The regimen for the max hydration can be found HERE while I'm over here rambling about it. It's based on how many days you complete and not just doing it within a certain time frame. Basically, to complete a day you A) either do a protein clarifiying or strictly clarifying treatment, B) Co wash and optional overnight deep conditioning, C) Clay cleansing treatment, D) Apply leave in conditioner E) seal moisture with a type of botanical gel like flaxseed-something. So I have a pretty good idea of the products I wanna use for this thing...

  1. Protein Treatment - I wanna try out the Cherry Lola Treatment but for an alternative to that, my usual Egg Protein Treatment
  2. Clarifier - I will be using Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar only (with repetitive uses of baking soda, your texture can alter slightly and I don't want that)
  3. Co-Wash/Deep Conditioning Conditioner: A durr the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture conditioner
  4. Clay Cleanser - I would like to try Morroccan Red Clay. It's said to be better for sensitive skin and I don't have very fond memories of using the Bentonite Clay... And terresentials was too pricey for me to keep up with...
  5. Leave In - Those will be altered between Giovanni's Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture as well as Giovanni's Hydrating 50:50 Balancing conditioner.
  6. Botanical Gel - I will start off with pure flaxseed gel but ultimately would like to whip up my own concoction adding in aloe vera juice and avocado oil. My hair loves those two prodcuts dearly!

I'm looking at close to $100 just to START this thing on the real. lol So I'll be stocking up on these products gradually. But as for right now, I'm just slowly morphing my regimen toward the Max Hydration slash Curly Girl Method. Shoot, I don't know what I'm doing, but it's helping!

My hair hasn't been breaking, though it has been staying dried out. LOL! I'll continue this daily hassly I have until I get my Giovanni conditioners. Then I'll be working on the rest of the products... we shall see. But I am enjoying the changes I see. I think my hair is even starting to retain more length but I haven't taken pictures yet. Anyway, I have to go now!

~keep it calm'n coily ya'll! XD

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