Thursday, March 19, 2015

STILL On Day 3

Lol so obviously I haven't updated because I can't seem to complete day 3! I just haven't had the time at all but also, I wasn't exactly in a rush to do the clay rinse either. I dunno I'm starting to feel that step brings the most labor and yields the smallest result in my opinion and also, my hair is starting to feel more and more unclean after every rinse. Trying to wash that clay out is STILL hard and my hair continues to look poofy after every wash so I'm wondering exactly how necessary it is... I dunno for right now I will keep trying to finish up the 7 days but I'm not too fond of the clay step as of now. It's not exactly helping that much... at least for MY head.

But I do want to continue trying to get max hydration regardless of curl clumpage. What I'm beginning to see with this regimen is it's basically a water-based regimen. Everything about it includes maximum amounts of water and diluting everything. Water = Moisture = Health. Point blank.

So with that in mind, I've basically been deep conditioning since I last posted lol. I did do an acv rinse last Thursday night and then hop in the shower to finger detangle and apply the diluted conditioner to deep condition and I thought I would've been able to finish it that following Friday but no. Every morning i ended sprucing it with water and covering it with a plastic cap and throwing my wig on and going to work. Up until... when was it... Saturday night? Then I hopped in the shower to wet down and finger detangle my twists and re apply diluted conditioner to... again... deep condition thinking that I would complete the process Sunday morning.

Annnnnd wrong again. Lol

So then Monday night I noticed my scalp was getting dirty, so I did another acv rinse and that didn't help.

The next night I hopped in the shower and applied a light lather of vo5 clarifying shampoo to try and clean my scalp a bit and rinsed it clean... sorta.

After that I didn't apply anything but just covered with a plastic cap to keep my hair moist at the very least. And then tonight... I hopped in the shower again, finger detangled a little more thoroughly again and re applied more diluted conditioner really well and soaked it through, massaged at my scalp again and currently it is under two plastic caps and my satin bonnet.

HOPEFULLY I can complete day 3 tomorrow but who knows... but currently this is what Nelly is looking like. This is my hair before I applied the conditioner after being rinsed and detangled...

One thing I've definitely noticed...


My hair has grown and retained an inch and I believe I am finally on a growth track to waist length again! I only really need 2 good inches to get there now so I could make it by possibly the end of April? I could start my 6 year natural with waist length hair!

And another possibility is reaching tailbone length by the end of this year! Haaaa, one dream at a time right? So for right now, let's just get to waist length! Lol

~ keep calm 'n coily
~ mskraizy

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