Saturday, March 7, 2015

Started the MHM Last Night...

But a little too lazy to update. :p

Anyways, I went out yesterday and got most of everything I feel I needed...

I purchased castor oil (avocado oil I'll get next time), Moroccan red clay, two bottles of the Giovanni smooth as silk deeper moisture conditioner (that was soooo hard to find!), and honey. I need to get some more Apple cider vinegar but I already had some of that at home.

So anyway, these are the twists I began this process on...

I skipped the step of the protein/cherry Lola treatment but it's optional and you probably don't HAVE to do it the first day... I just wanted to start the process. But anyway, I started by clarifying my hair first. Since I have normal porosity hair it doesn't need to be extremely lifted with baking soda so I opted out of it. I mixed what I think was like 2 ounces Apple cider vinegar and the rest water all in my spray bottle...

Sprayed that mixture thoroughly into each twist making sure to really coat each section. When I felt one twist was thoroughly saturated then I moved into the next twist.

When I re twisted the last twist, then I took my spray bottle and made sure to saturate the roots and massage my scalp with the pads of my fingers to really make sure I got it all in everywhere.

Then I put on a shower cap and let it sit for like 25 minutes. I forgot how messy the Apple cider vinegar rinse was oh man it was dripping all EVERYWHERE!!! Lol

So finally I hopped in the shower and went one twist at a time rinsing out the acv (which really made my hair feel squeaky lol) and applied the Giovanni conditioner. Now I kinda screwed myself with this step and that's also what I get for not completely READING the regimen lol. Apparently I was supposed to DILUTE the conditioner for this step but I didn't, I just used it straight out of the bottle so now half of the conditioner is gone but... that's okay. I'll know for next time! Lol

As I applied the conditioner I did scrub at my scalp a bit to loosen any dirt and then I just twisted it up and continued to the next. Then I let it steam while I finished in the shower then ultimately covered it with two plastic caps to continue deep conditioning.

I'll continue conditioning until later on tonight when I get a chance to proceed with the clay rinse lol. So that's what's happened so far... gotta stay tuned for the rest!

~ keep calm 'n coily
~ Mskraizy

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