Sunday, March 8, 2015

Picking Up Where I Left Off...

Okay. I ended up deep conditioning for a day and a half!!! Lol I just couldn't find the time to do the rest of the process!!

So finally this morning I managed to squeeze it in before I went to work (which later I found out I wasn't even needed lol).

The process was fairly quick. I started off by hopping in the shower to finger detangle the deep conditioner out of my hair. I scratched at my scalp a bit to see if there was any dirt and to my surprise it was very little residue. That was kinda shocking seeing as though I had been using a silicone-based conditioner AND I hadn't used a clarifying shampoo... I hadn't used a shampoo at all during this process actually. Even with the week of my water rinsing and conditioner coating lol.

So but anyways, I proceeded to finger detangle extremely well and then twist up each section as usual. And after that, because I was starting to get nauseated by the steam, I turned off the shower and just sat in the tub and applied the clay rinse I mixed up. It was like 5 teaspoons of red clay, a three second squeeze of honey and a two second pour of castor oil with a lot of water to expand the mix. The result was an extremely watered down clay rinse that I ended up pouring in an empty nestle water bottle lol. Gotta do what ya gotta do!

It was so watery I seriously thought I had messed up but I decided to go with it and worked that clay water into each section. Instead of twisting each section, I Bantu knotted each section after it was coated with clay water. I guess to "enhance" the coils instead of stretching them out. Then I put a plastic cap over it and let it marinate while I cleaned the shower as well as myself.

What I do like about the red clay is SEEING it. I know that sounds messy... And it was but it was an way clean up. But the visibility of the red clay made it easier to notice when my hair was completely rinsed clean. That was one problem I had with doing bentonite treatments... I could never rinse it completely on the first try. But with the red clay it was rinsed out in the first go. Liking that.

But it definitely does get everywhere. Apply in the shower... always! So much easier to wipe off of tile.

So to rinse, I took once knot down from the back, rinsed it until clear and rubbed the root of that section to assure clearance. Then I un-knotted another knot and did the same until all knots were loosened and rinsed.

The curls were popping but it wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. It's advised to use this time to notice if your hair has maximum hydration. I guess each curl is supposed to curl from root to tip. Um... a lot of my hair was curling but not all at the root so I think I have some progress to make.

So then, I proceeded with the leave in and botanical gel steps and for this... I caved and bought the kinky curly curling custard and the knot today leave in.

In my spray bottle, I did one ounce of the knot today leave in and the rest: water. Shook it up real good and that one water bottle moisturized my entire head! I'm impressed. So I had twisted my hair into 6 sections again, so I took one twist down at a time and sprayed thoroughly with my leave in and then I actually used a small amount of the curling custard on all 6 sections. I was amazed at how little of their product I used on my first try! The custard seemed to glide right on after I soaked each section so please, DO follow those directions! It'll save you a TON of product!! Lol

So I did that and... because I hate wet hair outside... I busted out my blowdryer and went at it. It still wasn't completely dry but it was dry enough. So I went to work.

It wasn't until AFTER I was told I wasn't needed when I got back to my car that I remembered to take some pictures!! Lol this is my hair basically after the process and basically how it still looked after hours of driving with the window down (it was such a beautiful day I had to ride it out with a Sunday drive!)..

I think I've found a new avatar! Lol

~ keep calm 'n coily
~ mskraizy

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