Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 1 Update

Well in a short note, I prepped my hair for bed by French rolling both sides back and then banding the ponytail with some scrunchies like so...

Basically and this is how that turned out...

The back gets really coily and I love that so much!! But my curls aren't exactly... clumped. It's like a lot of my strands want to go separate ways or something. You can see that a lot in the first pic. It was like a frizz curl or something I mean it was cool... But I'm wondering if my hair can get more defined than that. So with that in mind...

I came home from work and started on day 2 of the Max Hydration Method... at this rate, I won't complete 7 days until 3 weeks from now! Lol but when I got in from work I immediately went to separating my hair into 6 twists to prep for another wash day. I commenced to mixing up my 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar with water and yeah, I even went and got a specific spray bottle for it. I have a pink one for acv rinses, a black one for all my diluted conditioners, and I'll be using my trusty purple one for all my clay rinses HOPEFULLY because they're so watery it's ridiculous!

Honestly I like being able to spray everything in! It makes the process go by a lot another, maybe not entirely clean lol, but it does go by easier to me. (I'd still recommend doing the clay rinse in the tub though)

So yes, here is my hair after thoroughly applying and massaging in the acv clarifying treatment...

I left that treatment in for like an hour before hopping in the shower. Then I rinsed that out thoroughly and began with my diluted conditioner which was like 2 ounces Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner and the rest water shaken up really well. And that coated my entire head! And it's funny even though I had a wash and go style, it was actually really easy to separate and apply. I didn't come across many tangles (if any) at all. I didn't really TRY to finger detangle either but I have a feeling that when I do the process won't be so bad.

So I'll probably keep this deep conditioner in until... Wednesday when I can finish the rest of this process which means that all day tomorrow, I'll be wiggin it up!!!! Yes it is currently Monday night and I'll be deep conditioning AGAIN for 1.5 days.

My hair has NO reason to NOT be moisturized this year. None at all!!!

But so far... I'm really digging this method. It may be a staple after these 7 days...

~ keep calm'n coily
~ Mskraizy

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