Thursday, March 5, 2015

Daily Washing Routine: My Thoughts

You know, I really don't mind the whole daily washing thing for several reasons...

1) Easy Finger Detangling:

For the semi-anti-finger detangler I really didn't think I'd be jumping back into the finger detangling vibes so soon let alone ever for my biggest issue with the matting and meshing of my roots over time. But with doing finger detangling daily and also in the shower under the running water, my hair is staying very well detangled even at the roots. And another thing I'm noticing is very, VERY little breakage and lesser quantities of shed hair. My hair seems stronger and more moisturized if anything and the thickness is also starting back up too. My twists feel juicier than usual and I love that.

Also with finger detangling daily in the shower, the process actually is easier than finger detangling outside of the shower without a stream of running water so that's a pretty helpful tip (especially for the skeptic finger detangler).

And another thing I'm starting to notice is how well my curls are starting to clump together in the shower. They're not in total harmony yet but I definitely see a little improvement! Lol I truly can't wait to see the results of this max hydration thing!

2) Fresh Hair

Second to the ease of detangling and curl-clumping has definitely got to be constantly having good-smelling hair!!!! Despite how drying this conditioner is I truly do love walking around smelling like a starburst all day! Lol with all my past routines of loading my curls with oils and butters and leaving that in for a week or so at a time, it always left my hair smelling like a musky swamp come wash day... ugh. That has to be like the ultimate hair struggle for me lol trying to keep it smelling fresh and sweet. And I truly do love that benefit that comes with washing it daily and applying a great smelling conditioner afterwards!!

But seriously though, you don't know how much you enjoy having a constantly fresh-smelling head until you co wash constantly for a week. It. Is. Amazing!! Lol

3) It's Therapeutic

I didn't really realize how therapeutic it could be to play in my wet hair everyday. I seriously get lost in thought while finger detangling and twisting up each section and the actual routine of the process has gotten so easy, it's ready starting to become second nature. But it's great for calming me down after a long day of battling the elderly over their health insurance. Lol

4) Low Maintenance//EASY

I don't deem it "low manipulation" since I'm constantly touching it everyday, but it is definitely low maintenance to me. I mean it's nothing but a twenty minute rendezvous in the shower, a five minute moisturizing afterwards, and a full day of being hidden under a wig. The ultimate in lazy (while still maintaining healthy hair) in my book. This is truly a routine I can keep too... well maybe until I start to see my curls pop with the Max Hydration Method lol.

The only downside to the daily co washing to me is having to do it everyday. Lol but it IS therapeutic!! But other than that, I'm brewing nothing but benefits. Currently I do this process at night when I get off because I am far too incredibly lazy and tired to get up early in the morning and do this (I barely wanna get up at all lol). Maybe one day I'll move this process to the morning times but... that's not happening anytime soon!

~ keep calm'n coily
~ Mskraizy

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