Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wash Day Update and Inquiring of the Max Hydration Method

This new regimen that I have in place seems like it'll turn out for the best!

This past Wednesday, I went about my wash day routine. Since my hair was already sectioned into the 11 twists that it's been in for like two weeks now lol. I went ahead and shampooed with vo5 kiwi lime squeeze shampoo and then coated my twists with suave's almond and Shea butter conditioner and proceeded to detangle each twist with my Denman brush. I hadn't detangled in like almost two weeks so my nape had started to mesh slightly but it wasn't too bad to detangle. I'll just have to make sure I detangle every week.

So anyways after that I haven't had any products really to really moisturize and seal my hair as I normally do but lately I just try and spritz it with water and re-coat my hair with the suave conditioner that I have until I get some more products. That alone has been good enough to suffice though it dries out faster (which is why I do it everyday). But mostly the front dries out fast the rest of my hair stays fairly damp. I'm sure that is attributed to my wig and beanie wearing though it's not really revealed I guess it's closer to the opening so it's easier for moisture to escape the front rather than the back I suppose...

Well anyway that's beside the point. All this use of conditioner made me think about giving the "Curly Girl Method" another try. I tried this once before and felt like I failed miserably at that but I don't think I was using good conditioners either.

So but anyways, off I went to Google in search of how to get started with the CGM and then I came across something called the "Max Hydration Method". Basically what I got from it is that every day for 7 days you'd do a series of things which include clarifying, deep conditioning overnight and conditioner wash, bentonite clay treatment (or some kind of clay treatment), then put in some leave in conditioner and a gel on top of it. You repeat that process everyday for seven days and then every 2 to 5 afterwards and when I saw some of the results from ladies who have gone through this process... when I say jaw dropping worthy!!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss!!!!!!! Lol

This process is recommended more for type 4c curls with low porosity but really for the type 4 division. I kinda think this method will help more with my natural curl definition as opposed to the curly girl method strictly. I won't say the CGM wouldn't work on my hair at all but I have to say that when my hair is completely wet with no product it's quite rare to find a coil beneath all the poof. Personally the curly girl method may aid in general health and retention but it won't really bring out my curls the way I think this max hydration thing could.

I would just love to see my natural ringlets with nothing but water on them and not have to glob on a whole bunch of hooey and twist it a hundred thousand ways to start seeing a little definition. It's not that my curls and curls are extremely tight either. I only have 4a/3c hair but it's just more fluff than curl when I wash it...And I'd like to see if I can change that.

It's just an experiment anyway and if it turns out great, it may be something I live by forever lol. But I just wanna give it a shot. I'd love to see my natural coils without product one day. XD

~ keep calm 'n coily
~ mskraizy

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