Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Wash... Week

So lately... I've been wearing a wig!

Yeah, the cricket braids- as beloved as they were - had to come to an end.

And then i stumbled across a wig i had bought some months prior but never pulled the courage to wear. So after taking down the cornrows i had braided that hair into some chunky braids and started wearing then under the wig.

A couple days after that, i proceeded to shampoo my hair and finger detangle it well enough to put it into about 11 moisturizered braids. Wore that under the wig for another couple of days and finally last night, hopped in the shower last night to thoroughly detangle it with my Denman brush and twist up each section afterwards. That process went by incredibly smooth as well.

And then today i just finished moisturizing and sealing it and will be pasting that wig right back on. The simplest and most appearance effective regimen I've come up with yet!

This regimen may be the one that actually helps me reach tailbone length this year! Especially since i don't have the time to dedicate a day... or even half a doing my hair. Each hair session has to be an hour or less out of each day which for any natural haired sista knows that that can be impossible for a wash day!

So it seems the most effective thing for me is to just split the wash day up into a wash "WEEK". On one day, shampoo and lightly moisturize (like with conditioner or something). On another day, detangle. And on another day, moisturize and style i suppose. And all throughout this process... just wear a wig.

Can't be anymore simple than that. I'm thinking that just working with these 11 twists i have in my hair now will last me for awhile just as long as i detangle it weekly to keep it from matting and locking up. New regimen in progress y'all.


~keep calm 'n coily

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