Friday, February 20, 2015

Gettin Wiggy With It!!

I figured now would be as good a time as ever to go ahead and update here rather quickly on the regimen I have going on with my new wig wearing regimen (but of course when it's not the wig it's my trusty black beanie lol).

Basically, I moisturize... daily. But everyday is an alternating routine. Every other day I will thoroughly moisturize and seal my twists by means of spraying it thoroughly with a water/conditioner mix. Following that with a nice saturation of conditioner (lately it's some kind of good smelling conditioner from suave natural's line) and sealing that in with Shea moisture's Shea butter masque treatment. Now because the Shea butter treatment has glycerin in it, I usually seal that product in with avocado oil just to top it off then wrap it up in my satin bonnet and head to sleep. I usually do that every other day or every two days and in between those days I'll just spray my hair with the conditioner water and bun it while I wear my satin bonnet and then the wig.

Now every few days or so I do take the time to retwist each twist and finger detangle it a bit just to prevent the hair from meshing or matting together since I don't take unravel the twists while moisturizing so it's very easy for the hair to start matting with all that extra product.

On a weekly basis, I do shampoo the hair while in twists and I will start deep conditioning overnight when I have the chance. And on the following day, just detangle each twist thoroughly, retwist it up and moisturize necessary and just repeat the cycle.

A very simple fairly low maintenance routine that I'm really starting to love! With this my hair is actually staying incredibly healthy and moisturized! Although I do think Nelly is due for a protein treatment but I'm glad to report I haven't been having any extreme breakage issues. I'm still having a few but I can count the amount on two hands at the most and I think that's a big accomplishment. I also haven't had to trim either though or should I say I haven't had the urge too lol. I'm hoping this will be the regimen that will allow me to reach waist length and even tailbone length this year as long as i keep this up. I think this year I may ACTUALLY start seeing the fruits of my labour. XD

~ keep calm 'n coily
~ mskraizy

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