Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Length Check of 2015!

I figured now would be as good a time as any to update with a length check. I am not able to show you the updates from my 3-month (and longer) hiatus but unfortunately, the length is basically the same though technically it is longer than when i last left you all. So, as of now the only lengths that are most important to me is the back and the back sides so that is what i will measure from here on out. Here you are...

It has gotten longer but not much and definitely not really in the post couple months since I've been doing mini trims here and there and everywhere. As of now my ends are extremely healthy so there really is no reason for me to think about trimming anymore, especially with the regimen i plan on keeping. I'm hoping that i can reach some longer lengths this year since this time I'm starting this year with my more healthier hair. I still haven't been incurring a lot of breakage as i had been but it can still be worked on but still... It's nowhere near how bad it was LAST year. New things shall come about in 2015... right?

~keep calm 'n coily

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