Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Update of Crochet Braids

So i thought I'd just fill you in *just a tad* about how i was handling this lions mane of crocheted Marley hair curls. And the consensus?

Loving it!!!!!

Though i have to be honest i feel that it truly looks fake but in a natural kinda way. I mean up close it's not hard to distinguish the two textures... but it looks so freaking awesome to me it's like who even cares!!!??!

I have not tried washing it yet nooorrrr will i for i just feel that will result in an evil tangled mess! I think I'll give this another week before i take it out. But we'll see. As we all know i think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not very time conscious about my hair anymore. Lol

But what i have been doing is making sure i moisturize my hair daily or every other day through water spritzes, suave juicy Apple conditioner, shea moisture shea butter treatment cream, and avocado oil to seal everything in. I do that every other day on the braids underneath the hair...

As well as the leave out. I don't moisturize the leave out quite as heavily as i moisturize the braids in the back for i do need the hair to dry in time which is why most times i moisturize the leave out every other day. When I'm done moisturizing the leave out i put it into two flat twists like so...

And after that process i take my water bottle and spritz the braids that have Marley hair crocheted on it and at least try to get water on my braids and scalp and lightly massage it in.

Lastly i may opt to gel down my edges in the front for a more tamed look but lately I've really been feeling the "wild child" thing lol so i just go ahead and cover it with my satin scarf and off to bed i go.

I haven't really done much to it other than wear it down because it's so hard to rip the hair apart (the weave that is) i rarely ever feel like messing with it.

But i do want to try a curly look with it before they come out. We'll see if THAT happens lol!

(Yes the filter bug has bitten me lol)

Until next time!
~keep calm 'n coily~

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