Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tailbone Length Class of 2015

Okay, i need a hair talk moment.

And what better place than on a hair blog?

I don't know, I've just been feeling pretty brand spankin new since the new year shifted over. I don't know what life will throw my way but i do know i want to change and accomplish some things and one of those things... of course, is cracking down and making my ultimate hair length of tailbone stretched. I don't know how long I've had KCC up and dining but i think I'm in my third or fourth year with this blog and i STILL haven't reached it!

Part of the reason i started this blog was to keep a documentation of my habits and routines that worked and i know last year i made a major breakthrough with zeroing in on my moisture game (or lack thereof) when it came to all those broken strands and i witnessed myself all the length retention i got in a whopping three months which... now that i think about it i don't think I've revealed here lol. I will get to that but I'm on my phone right now.

But yeah honestly the documentations are working as long as i stay consistent with it and that's what i need to get back to.

I don't know, i guess it's the Mufasa mane making me get serious about my actual hair journey again. It makes me realize how much i want my own hair to be that length and how much it would fit with my personality! Lol that's kind of a stupid line but whatever! It's MY stupid line!

I pretty much know what i must do in order to get there for i figured out the process last year. It's now all about getting back to it and sticking with it!

Although I'm not entirely sure that I'll actually make TBL in a year, it's a nice challenge don't ya think? Maybe i should make this a challenge? Whose down for tailbone length in 2015!!!?

...hmmm? Nobody? Does anybody else even WANT Tailbone length hair? Anybody? Just me???

Fine, i guess I'm all alone. For anyone open to it it will officially start February 1 of 2015 and last until December 31 of 2015.

I'm just starting now. ;)

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