Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crocheted Marley Braids!

Soooo i know I've been gone for awhile now. Lot of things have been going on since I've been away including my getting a new desk job in a cubicle that i already hate...

One of the better notes about it though is that i get to dress up and i have more freedom to style my hair and in general just dress up a little more than my usual tee, scruffy pair of jeans and my very faithful satin bonnet and black beanie combo. Get this.

The job doesn't even ALLOW headwear of any kind not even SCARVES.


I was highly insulted.

But i gotta admit, it did name me stop cheating on my hair with my beanie and start trying to commit to styling get again. But i have to admit that not having my beanie for awhile set a little anxiety about protective styling. So when i want rocking a braid out of some sort it was in a scruffy bun. But...

To make a long story short i ultimately decided that i wanted a cute style but one where i could still protect my hair in the making and then i came across


Why have i not thought about this before eh? It's a great way to get a visual of what my bsl unstretched braid out will look like in the future.

And so the process begin first with shampooing with vo5's kiwi lime squeeze clarifying shampoo. Conditioned and detangled with suave juicy apple conditioner and then rinsed that out. I then soaked my hair with a mix of Aubrey organics white camellia conditioner and Giovanni's hydrating 50:50 conditioner and sealed it in with avocado oil then set over it some plastic bags and my bonnet to let it condition overnight. In the morning i didn't rinse but just it into one fat braided ponytail which i wore to work.

Then today i went and got 3 packs of Marley hair at $4.99/pack. Two packs were 1b and the other was... 30? It was a nice brown color. I started by braiding the middle section of my hair and leaving some leave out in the front and back. Sewed the hair by means of an open ended Bobby pin and... yeah. That was it.

The process took like 4 hours in total... something like that maybe ax little less. But it wasn't long at all. As of now i have my leave out twisted to (hopefully) make for a more blended look tomorrow though i doubt it lol. But honestly i still love it!

Here's a bit of a sneak preview i suppose. ;)

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