Saturday, September 20, 2014

Look Who Finally Decided to Show Up...


I have seriously been out of the loop but one of the main reasons is because I've been a sort of hiatus. A hiatus that I never warned any of you about lol and I apologize about that.

But the little broken strands that I had been dealing with were becoming a very apparent issue and I just had to take some time to step back and give a few methods a try.

I'm glad to say that I've finally realized what's been up with my coils: lack of moisture.

I know right? It was totally obvious but I guess I just couldn't realize that was it. Anyway, this post is not to relate my triumphs and failures or go into long drawn-out speeches about moisture and length retention (that's for another very later post lol) but I'm glad to say that my 3 month hiatus is almost finito and I will be coming back with a very happy length check comparison for you all to see!

I'm glad to say that cracking down on moisturizing every single day (no matter if it's just saturating my hair with water and throwing it in a bun for the day) has seriously reversed my hair problems for the better and I've literally seen more hair growth these past three months than I have for the past year! And I'm so excited that I've finally gotten a grip on what was holding my best length retention back and you better believe I am my most excited to share that with you!

Hopefully on September 30 I can get that happiness to you but if not, give me about a week to get it all out. Just stay tuned ya'll, stay tuned!!! =)

And keep calm
And coily
~ mskraizy ~

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