Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Days Are Lookin Up!!!

I think I've finally gotten my hair back on a good foot!

Those little broken strands had me baffled because in all honesty, I really felt that my hair was healthy and that I was keeping it moisturized. But with some of the simplest signs of unhealthy hair I kept overlooking. Like broken strands over my shirt? Finding little hairs in all of my scrunchies and hair ties? Seeing the little broken strands all over my hair products? I don't know why I just didn't get it then! I don't know why I assumed that's just how my hair was and then later on would complain that it wasn't growing and that I had reached my terminal length. I knew I couldn't have reached my terminal length because I would be seeing more shedding strands and not broken strands.

But this week, I seriously set out to conquer the broken strands and I think I almost aced it this week!! Wash day was the best day EVER! Let me tell ya WHY!

Sooo, that...Sunday? Sunday afternoon, I started of my wash day with shampooing as I'm going to do from now on. I divided my hair down the middle into two halves (as always) and shampooed with my new favorite Herbal Essence "The Smoother The Butter" Shampoo, and after I shampooed each half, I immediately coated in some Giovanni's Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner. I'm back to loving this stuff I painfully type this I'm going to be using this from now on for everything!! So no more ORS Replenishing Deep Conditioner. It's the same price for me to get the biggest liter of the Giovanni's from Marshall's and Nelly seems to love it so much more!

With that being said, I coated my hair with the conditioner, repeated the process on the other half. And then out of the shower, I began the...very trifling process of finger detangling. How I LOATHE it. And I still loathed it all the while I was doing it. But I was losing half of what I normally lose and I was forced to give attention to everything I was pulling out. That Sunday, I was still losing broken strands but not many, and actually a lot of the short broken strands were actually shedded. Quite a few of them actually had the bulb! I was excited and kinda concerned... That means I've been ripping out a LOT of my hair. =/ elllllgghhh....

So I continued to finger detangle. If I were to try and explain to you what I lost in shedded and broken strands, it was like holding a balled up bird feather. Not at all a lot. I was truly impressed!

And so, I tied a plastic bag around my hair to let the Giovanni conditioner soak in for a few hours, then rinsed out really well. Hair felt SO soft and luscious and so I proceeded to put in about 10 braids using cantu shea butter leave in and avocado butter on the ends. During the styling session, I only lost 2 shedded strands and 4 broken strands. I counted. Yes, yes I counted. lol!

So, I left my hair alone after that, and then the next day I didn't do anything for it was still incredibly wet (even my ends). And so the third day...yesterday I believe... Tuesday. So the other day, lol. I checked on my ends and realized they had dried a lot. And it made me realize why it was possible that my hair was breaking at the ends. While the actual braid of my hair was still fairly damp, my ends were DRY. And it just made me think of all the times I had moisturized on wash day and wouldn't remoisturize again until that next wash day. A good 7 days out the way! So right then I understood how it could've been possible.

So I moisturized with a good spritz of water, giovanni conditioner, oil mix, and avocado butter. I lost maybe 5 shedded strands altogether and like 3 broken strands. And these broken strands were very thinned and opaque looking like barely visible. They weren't like the thick and coarse 'you-know-something's-wrong' strands, they were barely visible on my hands. If I took a picture of them, it would look like nothing was on my hand. That was how see-through they were.

I then re-moisturized the next day. I decided to take the braids down yesterday when I remoisturized. I applied the same routine of products to each of 6 sections altogether and re-braided my hair. I lost more shedded strands, somewhere around 20 and a lot of those thinned and opaque broken strands. I'm starting to wonder if my hair needs protein because I haven't done a protein treatment in going on two months now. So I will see to that when I can get my hands on some more Hair Mayo. As far as the thinned and opaque strands that I lost, that was estimated to about 15 as well. But overall, safe to say a lot of it was shedded! *phew*

And today, when I go back in I'll be re-moisturizing my ends as well. I'm glad I haven't been losing any and I mean NONE of the thick and coarse broken strands that I used to. I'm also not seeing ANY strands on my shirt, the floor, or in my hair scrunchie. My parents aren't complaining about my little curly q's everywhere. lol! So I think my hair is back on the good foot again.

Again, this has really only been a week that I've been doing this. But I will definitely keep to this idea and regimen for all of July and see where I get to. Maybe waist length might still be doable this year...who knows!? I figured, if I'm not losing hair, than it has to be growing and retaining right!?

I'm really trying to pay attention to my hair now. Paying attention to what I lose, what is actually shedded, what is actually broken, how much hair I'm losing I'm literally putting my hair under a radar! So far so good!

So keep it calm
And keep it coily ;)
♥ Mskraizy ♥

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