Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Sad Update

Lawd, I've been giving a funeral to so many broken strands of hair lately! UGH!!!

So I'm trying to get a grip on my breakage again. I really don't understand HOW it started spinning out of control in the first place, but it's out there now. I recently have started doing my hair in the bathroom and good thing I did because the hairs I lost were crazy ridiculous! All over the sink, the floor, my shirt, I almost cried at the sight. I guess because I really and truly believed my hair was at it's optimum health and's NOT.

I've been doing a sort of braiding regimen really for the past month. I just do my wash day (deep condition, wash, moisturize, style into braids) and then I let the braids dry under my beanie that I wear all week, and based on how I feel I'll wear the braidout for a day or two or just wear the braids under my hat until my next wash day.

It's the most low manipulating protective styling I've EVER done so the fact that I was seeing all that breakage was incredibly shocking and depressing. I came close to coloring it, frying it with a flat iron, relaxing it, CUTTING it, I thought REAL hard about shaving it too.

But then I calmed down and decided I would just try to be proactive about the situation and not panic anymore.

So lately, I've been trying to moisturize on a nightly basis by use of water//moisturizing conditioner (which has been SheScentIt's Avocado Conditioner but I'm almost out of that)//oil mix (avocado and castor oil)//avocado butter. I've done that three days this week and my hair has been fine but I think it would've probably benefited more had I kept to it every single day this week but I had a crazy work schedule that barely allowed me to sleep. But I'm glad to say that when I got up this morning to take my braids down for a braidout, I still lost some broken strands but it was nowhere near as much as when I first realized it was breaking! At least that's a good thing. lol

So I'm going to start getting back on my moisturizing game again and hopefully I'll be able to prevent at least 99% of the breakage I've been getting. It makes sense that my hair has been the same length pretty much for two years now! So hopefully with my trying to get this back on track, I can start retaining and surpassing more lengths.

So for right now, here's what I'm gonna try. Apparently, the moisturizing conditioner added when sealing helps. Apparently my hair needs MORE than water to be moisturized. That's one thing I've definitely learned in all this. Some other things I want to give a go is 1) using a protein conditioner on my ends and 2) heavy sealing with blue magic hair grease. I hear heavy sealing has really helped a lot of ladies seal in the moisture and keep their ends healthy so I'm willing to give that go. But my ends definitely need SOMETHING.

I also DID trim about 1/2 an inch off my hair (during my spazzing phase). I don't know if I regret it, it was a panic reaction. But I guess I can look at it as starting off fresh for now. =/ It's gone now. Hopefully I'll be gaining it back REAL soon.

So as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to go invest in some Aubrey Organics Glycogen Protein Conditioner, the Honeysuckle Rose conditioner and possibly the White Camellia one as well as well as some more ORS so I can deep condition today. And also a small thing of Blue Magic Hair Grease. And after that...we'll just have to wait and see. =/

So keep calm (lawd...)
And keep it coily
~ Mskraizy ~

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