Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shrimp Fried Rice! ♥

Over the past week I've had some "support" I'll say with trying to get back to eating right and exercising because I completely fell OFF for like a good 2.5 weeks. Well, not COMPLETELY but I wasn't eating as healthy as I know I should've and exercising kinda flew out the window.

But, my dad is having issues with his high blood pressure and my mom's a diabetic, soooo it got me back into the healthy eating and lately I've been trying to step up my actual cooking game and not just watching the calories and nutrients on different microwaveables and trying not stay comfortable with regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches either.

So, this is not the first of meals that I've made, but it was the first meal I decided to document. Writing my recipes on here totally split my mind for the time being but I'll probably re-make them again cause they've all been truly delicious!

To start off my shrimp fried rice, I had a package of pre-cooked shrimp that I tossed in some cold water to thaw. As they thawed, I started prepping my veggies to add to the rice. I diced up baby carrots, half of a half of a yellow pepper, along with diced celery as well as diced snap peas. Combined that in a bowl by itself, and after the shrimp were thawed out, I then begin to pull the tails off of them and throw them in a different bowl as well.

Had my water boiling for the rice. Salted the rice with seasoning salt (half the sodium of regular salt), and let it boil. When it was ready, poured in like...what 2 cups or so of brown rice? Let that kinda cook while I started prepping the shrimp. I heated a skillet with some olive oil and let that heat up. Took about 3 minutes and then I threw the shrimp in and seasoned in the skillet with some old bay and black pepper seasoning. The rice had been cooking for like 7 or so minutes so then I dumped in the veggies and covered and let that cook.

Went back to the shrimp and flipped them every now and again for the next 5 or 7 minutes until they were all nice and pink and curled up. lol Then after the rice boiled some more (maybe like another 15 or so minutes), I then tossed the cooked shrimp into the pan, let it boil with the rice for another 5 minutes with the pot covered then after that took off the lid and let the water boil out. I did at two slices of butter to help flavor the rice.

But other than that, that was it! Very filling, very good, and very cute. lol!

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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