Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hair Update! ♥ FREE the FRO ♥

I haven't really posted anything about hair since like the middle of March and this IS a blog about keeping calm and coily (and not particularly fit). lol But that's because I've been in mini braids all this time and aside from the cowashing twice a week, and the trim I did on the 19 of March, hasn't anything special really been going on.

My LIFE has been going on but the most I've been doing to my hair is wrapping it in a loose bun and throwing over my beanie caps. I know, I KNOW I keep trying to get away from those dern beanies but they are just SUPER convenient for the frizzy-haired sista! lol

Anyways, I took the braids out the other day. Like thursday because I had an interview on Friday. So after taking out the braids I was left with a mega-huge afro that I LOVED. And my parents loved to. I showed my mom and she was like "girl, you have a lot of hair! Why don't you wear it? You need to wear your hair instead of slipping them hats on all the time!" lol.

So that night, I did. Mom and I went down to Universal Studios just to chill around CityWalk and I wore my big, crazy hair. And I didn't get any pics! soooooo sowwwwy! But it was awesome! It looked something like this:

Except mine was black and hers is green...

I had a (what I think was a student from another state) stare at me and then finally say "I love your hair!". lol It's really been a minute since I embraced the full length and potential of my hair. I know you see it on the blog and everything but majority of the time, after the pictures it's back in a bun and underneath the beanie. lol I have a Beanie Disorder or something. lol

I absolutely loved my curls that night and had a lot of fun too! Then I remembered why I hardly wear it out.

Man was all that hair getting HOT!

Thankfully I keep a scrunchie on my wrist so I just pulled it all back. lol But yeah. Totally had a "free-the-fro" moment Thursday Night. I must do more of those moments. But alas, I'm on a mission to WAIST LENGTH!

So the following Friday morning, the only thing I COULD do with that massive mane to make it decent enough for an interview was to wet bun it. Something I haven't done in a long, LONG time. So I hopped in the shower, conditioner washed with my usual suave strawberry condish. My hair had been finger detangled as I took out each braid so I wasn't THAT worried about tangling issues though I knew it still needed to be combed through. So after co-washing a few times, I finally doused my hair in more water, then finally soaked the ends of my hair with some suave conditioner, pulled it up into a high ponytail (which wasn't even all that high apparently cause my hair STILL kept touching my neck...I never remember THAT ever happening before lol) and continued with my showerly rituals.

Fast forward, and outside of the shower, I apply a bit more of conditioner to my ends, slick it back into my desired low ponytail, and then finally apply some ecostyler gel (the clear one) to the roots of my hair ONLY since this area had no conditioner. I didn't want to risk flakes that day. After smoothing globs of gel over it, I twisted the end of my bun and then pinned it under with a bobby pin and finally tied it all down with a silk scarf. That bun came out AWESOME and I may be doing those more this month! (Not looking forward to my mini braids right now). Only thing, was that my bun was so HUGE, water kept dripping not just down my neck but all down my back even after I let it dry some under my scarf. Normally that helps, but my hair was dripping for the next two hours, even during the interview some. ugh!

The interview went great (I believe). So cross your fingers for me, I really hope I get a call back! If not...then oh well. Ya'll know how it is.

So fast forward to yestdiddy.

I started out by rinsing my hair with water under the sink. Since my hair had dried gel in it, I didn't want to start off just applying deep conditioner to it because that would have just created Booger City in my hair! (Experience ya'll, experience...). So I rinsed and rinsed my head just with water for about 20 minutes continiously scrubbing my hair and squeezing through my hair.

After that, THEN I went and applied my usual deep conditioner and oil mix and detangled. Set my hair into about 12 detangled twists altogether and deep conditioned for like the next 5 hours. =/ Finally got in the shower and shampooed, there was really no need to follow up with a rinse-out conditioner, my hair was just THAT soft. I did use a different shampoo though. Suave Natural's Tropical Coconut Shampoo. It cleaned well, smelled great, and didn't leave my hair feeling thoroughly stripped. This might be a new fave, but I'll continue to test it out. :)

After shampooing and not conditioning, out of the shower, I turned each of my twists into a braid using SheScentIt's Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream again. LOVE that stuff! And then, since I twist the ends of my braids now, when it came to like the last 2 inches of hair, I applied avocado butter to seal it in and then continued to twist until the end. I ended up with about 15 braids all around. The 6 twists in the back made 6 braids, but the 4 bigger twists in the front were split. 2 on each side, and 3 in the middle (I had a side part). That probably made no sense but words is all I have right now. Sowwy ladies.

But right now, that is current status of my hair. These braids. I'm thinking about leaving them in for a few days, then take them down like thursday or friday to wear the braidout, have my weekly wash day come saturday and repeat. It's much easier and then I'll always have a style to look forward to. I know I'm s'posed to be on mah mini braidin' grind but it wasn't that I had to wear mini braids, I just had to kick my protective styling back into gear. So it may not be mini braids for the remaining five months. Maybe I'll do them again some time, but not back to back to back.

I'm gonna test out this braidout regimen I have because for the most part, it'll be protective (most likely gonna be kept under a hat ANYWAY), but I'll also test out wet bunning again every so often cause I must admit, I really enjoyed seeing my big ol' bun that day! I don't think I've ever seen my bun look so big! I'm excited. Truly excited! I don't know if my hair grew any, I'm thinking it did, I hope it did. I kinda "checked" but not really last night while styling my hair and it seemed like it grew the usual half an inch when I pulled it down in front (not the back this time). It reached the end of my bra strap so I'm hoping that's a good sign cause it was only getting like to the middle of it when I length checked the sides. Sooo we'll see.

We shall see!

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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