Sunday, April 6, 2014

Assessing the Situation

I swear, trying to get to waist length is like trying to graduate high school all OVER again. I've really been having to do my homework trying to assess what exactly is keeping me from retaining growth.

Take a look at this picture comparison:

This is my hair in 11 months. During March 2014, of course I had in the mini braids, so this is as accurate as it's gonna be.

Not bad right? I think within this entire year, I retained about 4 inches of growth which is LESS than average. And why is that? TRIMS!

Before the March 2013 picture was taken, that was when I had done my "dramatic trimming" and had done away with all my previous damaged ends. That chop right there alone was it's own 2-3 inches. After that, I also trimmed in June for cosmetic reasons and ended up chopping off another 1 inch of hair. And then in February, before the 2014 progress pic was taken, I trimmed again. I think that time I took off about .5 an inch of hair. So altogether, I chopped 4.5 inches of hair. Necessarily AND unnecessarily.

It still doesn't explain MUCH because between July and February, I didn't see much of a difference in growth. So I'm still wondering what happened there. But this is a start.

Put. Down. The Scissors!

And then it got me thinking. I retained 4.5 inches of hair to. So all in all, I actually grew 9 inches of HAIR in a YEAR!!!!! But I only retained half of it, GODDOGIT!

So now I'm really wondering what really is my growth rate? And if my hair really does grow that fast, than how come I'm not reaching my next milestone yet? Granted, I did just officially claim MBL in...what? February!? lol But it's been two months and I don't really notice a change. YES, I did trim again in March (gawd I'm SO guilty! lol) but that was thee smallest trim I've ever done. I literally took off close to NOTHING from each mini braid. And I don't plan to trim anyore until the end of June when the Summer Solstice arrives.

I'm starting to believe I've possibly reached or am coming very close to my terminal length. I just can't seem to move past this hump, getting to MBL was tough enough! I reached an official and claimable BSL in June of 2013. MBL is NOT that far off, but it still took my over 6 months to get there! Of course, I experienced lots of trims during that time frame as well. So I'm just it my excessive trimming? Or is it just my hair won't budge beyond MBL anymore?

I'm forever DOOMED to have MBL hair? Is that it, lawd!? = {

BUT, since I JUST happened upon MBL, I won't strike myself out yet. I've researched around and a lot of ladies have said that it takes them about 5 to 6 months to go from midback to waist length. So I'm hoping that's the case for me as well. I'm well into my second month of being official MBL, so lets see what comes of the next 4 months.

The next time I trim for the Summer Solstice in June, I'll do again like I did in March and take off 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch because I really don't believe my ends need anymore trimming whatsoever. I'm just gonna keep to dusting on the lunar cycles and that's it. Still gonna up my protective styling and just see what happens from hereon out.

I just don't know what it might be. What I gotta do. Maybe I should stop watching it?.......but I caaaaan't!

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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