Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mini Braids Complete!

Overall, within 3 days spending about 2.5 hours a night on my hair, this style took approximately 7.5 hours altogether to do. Didn't use a comb, just my fingers to finger detangle each section and braid it up. Each twist created 2 to 3 braids, 4 braids was a rare case but did happen more towards the middle where I had made chunkier twists. But overall, a style success!

My plan?

To keep these babies in for a month, possibly to six weeks, it would be cool to push it to 8 weeks but I don't think my hair is gonna be cool with that. I do plan to wear them for the next 6 months as well. I'm gonna start working out again and get back on my fitness train and these braids have to be one of the greatest styles for people who work out. At least for me. I can conditioner wash them whenever and not have to worry about my hair matting or meshing together. I can't do my mini twists (or any twists for that matter) like that without having my hair wanting to mesh together. Mini braids was the obvious choice.

To finish these babies, I hopped in the shower and conditioner washed with my usual suave naturals strawberry condish. Rinsed that out in the shower and finally moisturized my the bottom half of my braids with the suave conditioner and then set it with some clear eco styler gel. I haven't seen any flakes of yet so I'm thinking that my hair probably doesn't respond to the newer eco styler gel like the argan oil or the olive oil one. I've always used the clear one so I'm going back to it to see if that may be the problem.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Daily care is not much. I hope to at least oil and massage my scalp twice a week, but doing it on a nightly basis would be better. =) And besides that that's pretty much it.

I have been playing with styles, I'm getting very into the 1940's and 1950's and the whole "pin up" look back then with the pompadours and the victorian rolls and all that crazy cute protective styling they did back in the day. I did a few today that I really liked but they were fairly messy for I was just experimenting. When I get them straight and actually wear them out somewhere, you know I'll be posting them as my little "Hair of the Days". But for now, this is what they look like:

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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