Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hair In Progress ♥ Mini Braids ♥

I've finally committed to doing some mini braids this year! Why you may ask?

Well, mini braids on my own natural hair has to be by far thee most EASIEST protective style ever created for natural least with my hair. I can co-wash them, shampoo them, deep condition them, style them, protect them, and also I don't have to worry about detangling my hair, they always show my length, and they're just a breeze to have. It's like wearing my hair loose without the commitment. It has to be the greatest style I've ever known.

Reason being is if I were to wash my hair in mini twists, my hair would mesh and try to dread up on me so quickly. And also, the fuzziness comes in rather crazily and it also shrinks up a major much. Me and washing mini twists is a big no-no.

I've been thinking alot about what protective style I should do because I really don't want to give up my washing and deep conditioning weekly since that routine is what has gotten and what keeps my hair at it's optimum health. And since I plan to be doing this for the next 6 months, I really needed something that will let me pretty much care for my hair as I normally do but lessen the commitment I have with my hair.

And so since...yesterday, I've been putting them in. And I think I have found a method of install (and possibly takedown) that will make putting mini braids in feel like less of a punishment and have me more at ease.

SINCE I wear my beanies faithfully herelately, I figured, why not just extend the process of install? I am just a stickler for getting my styles done in a day so I won't have to deal with anymore. But, anyways, from the set of twists that I posted about a few days ago, I've been morphing that style into my mini braids.

What I do is take down one twist, keep the two sections split apart. Depending on how big the twist was, each tendril because either one braid or two. All I do was lightly finger detangle to kinda remove the tight twistout form and just braid it up until like the last inch of hair and then I just twirl it. It doesn't really curl but I have to co-wash them first and then set the ends in gel and I'll get into that when I actually finish. But anyways, each twist morphs into between 2 braids at the least and 4 at the most. I go row by row all the way across until I finish starting at the back. Herelately, I seem to spend about 2.5 hours each day on my hair and I get through about 3 rows every session. That's how long I can go with braiding my hair before I feel like cutting it all off or breaking off innocent strands. It's been working perfectly! The sizes are all consistent, I'm still sane, and my hair is getting put away for a great protective style! Can't argue with that!

So if I'm not done by tomorrow, then most likely come Tuesday I'll be all the way through. And I'll just go through the same process when I take it down and just take it slow and steady. xD When I finish I will conditioner wash and moisturize and add gel to the ends to make them curly and whatnot and then we'll be mini braiding it up! Each install will last either one or two months. It's been awhile since I passed a month in any protective style, so I'll see what happens in this set. But a month at the least for the next 6 months. So be prepared for six months of mini braids.....possibly anyway. =/

Day 1 ~ approx 2.5 hrs spent

Day 2 ~ approx 2.5 - 3 hrs spent

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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