Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today's Awesome Wash Day!

Ohhh yeeeaaah! [/exit KoolAid Man] lol

Today my hair was alot more tangled than it probably would've been had I not stretched my hair a good 2 weeks without washing or detangling it anyway of the word. For two weeks straight, I just been pulling it back into a loose bun, covering it in my satin bonnet and again with the beanie caps. Haaa, I know. Haven't really had any "hair of the days" to show off....seriously.

So today, finally got my hands on my trusty ORS deep conditioner and thus wash day begun at 8 something this mernin.

Started off my sectioning (with my hands only) my hair into four parts as I normally do. But instead of just going through and taking medium sized, almost large sections of hair to apply conditioner and oil to and then detangle, I took smaller sections, applied deep conditioner and oil, then detangled and then trimmed like I mentioned in my previous post.

This time I took special care to trim everything. Normally when I trim, I just trim the section as a whole without really paying attention to the different layers in my hair. Now aside from the perimeter, my hair is pretty much around the same length. But my nape and my edges are about half the length of the rest of my hair. They're still fairly long, just not AS long. So with this trim, I separated out those pieces and trimmed them separately. I dunno, I just noticed that the ends of my nape and edges had been looking drier and they were starting to fray within twists and seeing as those these parts of my hair are never *actually* trimmed, I figured it was time to make my trimming more thorough with these sections.

And it worked out for the better, they started popping and coiling and springing soon after I trimmed them. Yay!

After applying deep conditioner and oil, detangling, and trimming, I let the deep conditioner sit in my hair for a good....ever. I started at like 8:30, I didn't get around to washing it out til about five in the afternoon....=) So with that I did wash it out using Garnier Fructis Length and Strength Fortifying Shampoo followed up by a light re-condition of suave naturals strawberry conditioner. Rinsed that out really well. Hopped out the shower and moisturized and sealed as I usually do.

And THIS time I actually decided to style my hair! YAY! lol I had gotten some Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream which was an old staple styler (and moisturizer back in the day) and decided to go on back to it. I was putting in these twists for the sole purpose of a twistout within a couple days but after completing them, I "might" wear the twists for a few days and THEN do the twistout, kinda stretch the style a bit but I dunno, I'll see.

Anyways, my hair had already been moisturized with, of course, Garnier Fructis' Sleek and Shine Leave In conditioner and sealed in with my mix of avocado and castor oil. After that, I went piece by piece, applying the cantu shea butter to my hair, detangling with my denman brush (and MAN my coils were just POPPING! lol), and then twisting it down and, following an old routine I used to do, applying avocado butter (what I used to use was shea butter....same difference) to the last 2 inches of my hair on the ends and continued to twist it on up.


That was done for all of my twists, took about an hour, maybe an hour and thirty minutes but I watched youtube videos during that time so it didn't feel that long. lol I'm actually really eager to see what my hair is gonna look like! This is a picture of how my twistouts used to come out with the cantu shea butter leave in and whipped shea butter on my ends:

Yaaaaas. Trying to get back to that! But we'll see. I think I did the twists way too small but...I dunno. It may be just enough. But either way, Nelly is feeling ex-sta-weem-lee healthy and soft and springy and all that jazz! Yes, I can't live without mah trims!!!

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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