Friday, February 14, 2014

SheScentIt Haul! ♥

I haven't bought from SheScentIt in awhile. Back in the day, I LOVED her line of products along with Bee Mine Products. But I haven't bought from SSI since she changed her scents because alot of people complained that the scents were too strong....but that's what I LOVED about them. I don't know if she changed the formula for the products that I used to use buuuut, that's why I proceeded to buy some of my old favorites to see if they still work the same for my hair. And so I got!

  • Banana Brulee Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
  • Brazil Nut Curly Buttercream
  • Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream
  • Avocado Conditioner

These products used to give me some of my better braidouts and twistouts. The Brazil Nut Curly Buttercream was one of my more FAVORITE products. The Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream was the best thing that I had ever happened to my braidouts and it used to smell soooo GOOD! It smelled like black cherry soda, like seriously. I mean all of her products still smell good, they still smell sweet like sweet-tarts or something but...I guess I miss the old scents. =/

The Banana Brulee Deep Conditioner....I LOVED it on my hair come wash day! It made my hair feel so soft and silky. I'm currently deep conditioning it right now and my hair STILL feels nice and silky and smooth with it applied. I'll be deep conditioning with this for the rest of the day. lol

And then the Avocado Conditioner, I had never tried it before but it does have ceramides in it so I figured, eh why not? It gave me just enough to get the free shipping (lol) so that also spurred my buying it. Alot of people like it so, you know I have to give it a try!

And that's it! Man my dresser is like stock full of hair products right now! I can't remember the last time I ever had so many hair products! I think I sense some PJ Symptoms! lol Now I don't know what I wanna do with my hair!

...I think I should put in some twists. lol

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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