Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lunar Cycles and Trims?


So what you're telling me is that the Moon has the power to yank my follicles from my scalp and make my hair grow longer!?

Why didn't nobody TELL me!!?

Of course I'm crazy enough to give it a try since I love trimming my hair anyway, so why not!? lol

I'm just kidding..... well sorta. I just came across this. I had heard of it before years ago but I didn't really "get" it and I couldn't keep up with the dates anyway. I really can't explain it effectively, so check out these links for a sec:

How the Moon Affects Hair Growth
Lunar Hair Chart for Skeptics
Lunar Cutting Goals Explained and Other FAQs
Lunar Phases
Grow Hair Fast Using New Moon Phase

I figured I would go ahead and give it a try, I mean why not? There's not really much I could lose from trying this out other than a little length. But I like trimming my hair anyway so it would probably be better for me to trim on a date that would increase my growth rate instead of just....randomly...feel me?

And I look back on my hair growth anyways. Months that are good for trims include March, June, September, and December because in these months are equinoxes/solstices. I trimmed my hair in March before (not on the Spring Equinox though) but I did gain a lot of length in that month. I trimmed again in June remember, maybe a week before the Summer Solstice and remember I had chopped off half an inch and gained that half an inch back within two weeks? Then I trimmed in October remember, and then in December I felt my hair growth hadn't really moved much?

I'm just saying for me, I'm starting to feel that there IS something to this whole "moon phase lunar trimming" thing and I would like to give it a recorded try. I just want to make sure I trim on the right dates because there are growth retarding days to cut when you want to slow down growth (say your eyebrows or something) as well as growth increasing days. It sounds interesting enough and I'm willing to try. If anything, I won't really lose anything because at least I will be maintaining thick and healthy ends.

So I trimmed my hair today, recording February 6, 2014 which is supposed to be a day for lengthening the hair. Between the 6 and the 7, these days although are not the stronger lunar days, but it should help increase a little bit. I just needed to trim my hair a bit so I took off like 1/4 of an inch, maybe a little under 1/2.

I also WILL be trimming on the Spring Equinox coming up in March and those days are:

March 19 and 20 of 2014 I'll be doing that. I'll also be recording my length by also using a tape measure (which I haven't done in awhile) so...I'm excited to see! Since I trimmed today, I'll probably only do a light dusting that day since I won't really NEED to trim it. And then I'll wait another three months for the Summer Solstice in June which is supposed to be the most powerful day for hair growth and other jazz, I think it's the longest day as well.

To keep up with the dates, make sure to visit here:

And make sure to keep up with the dates!

I really wanna see if this is gonna be legit! I've read that a lot of people testify for this method so of course you know I have to give it a shot! lol

What about you? Will you be trying this out? Or is this all a bunch of hootinanny?

~keep calm'n coily~

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