Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 2014 Length Check Nelly's defense. It's only been TWO MONTHS AND, I have trimmed my ends so that definitely will have an impact in my length.

I just don't think that there's much of a difference between my December LC and now BUT....I will continue to keep my head up and stay positive that I will gain some LENF-UHHH this year! lol

I am proud of my thickness getting better! It might be as good as it's gonna get actually lol so I'm okay with that. So yes, this picture clearly shows that I am


So my next stop is waist length, there's no other length mile I have to pass is just to GET THERE. So I am happy for that. Last year when I was trying to get to waist length, I was starting at BSB (between shoulder blades) and had to get to BSL and then to MBL and then WL, so I was truly stretching for a dream last year. And actually, I should be proud with how close I got! *applause* and with health too!? *double applause* lol

So this year, I just have to get to waist length and then I can move onto my next goal of hip length and finally tailbone length. I'm not sure how long it'll all take. I'm hoping that it doesn't take me all year to reach Waist Length. How I would LOVE to reach waist length by like July or something like that. I mean, looking at the picture, I'm not that far off....I think I'm like......... a good 3 inches away. Possibly just 2, so within a matter of like....4 to 6 months, I could probably be there. In 4 to 6 months, it'll be June or August if I should grow the average rate of .5 an inch a month. I could get there faster if my hair decides to have some growth spurts here and there, you know I'm just throwing it OUT there Nelly *ahem.... But yeah. Sooo, expected waist length date is gonna be in August, lets just say August 9 since that is mah birfday! lol

Haaa, we shall see.

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥

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