Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I think it's Day 3, but I've only wore my hair out twice. Yesterday, I kept them in about....7 big braids? Yeah, about 7. The night before, I misted my hair with my eucalyptus water and braided it down and just wore my beanie cap to work the next day. My hair is rather big and it's always getting snagged at work. =/

So when I came home today, I decided to take the braids down and have some fun with my hair. I absolutely LOVED my hair. Lemme tell ya, SheScentIt's Brazil Nut Curly Buttercream is STILL a favorite ya'll!! I remember back in the day, this product gave me some of my most favorite braidouts and twistouts, that product and her Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream. But since then she had changed her...scents. But I wasn't sure if she changed her formula as well. Chiiiiiile if she DID, Nelly STILL loves 'em! lol I can't believe that this braidout still has gorgeous definition especially in the front area. It's still soft, and it's so flluffy and bouncy and all EVERYWHURR! lol I haven't had to remoisturize yet but I will do so tonight when I go back to rebraid. I'll leave the braids in all tomorrow as well and then wear my hair down on Friday. =)

But anyways, I was just totally feeling my hair like crazy today! I had to go outside and snap some pics in the sunlight! lol Here ya go!


So but anyways, that is all. I LOVE this braidout. Haaaa, I'm falling back in love with my braidouts again! Man, have I MISSED them!! =)

keep it calm
~ and keep it coily ~
Mskraizy ♥

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