Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blowdried Braidout!

Sooo.......the other day....yesterday? No Friday, so the other day (tee hee!) I proceeded on starting with my wash day. Friday night, I deep conditioned with my old faithful products using the ors replenishing deep conditioner and my usual oil mix to seal it all in and detangled and twisted my hair up as I normally do. Covered my hair in 3 plastic caps plus my satin bonnet and called it a night.

The next morning, ran some errands so the deep conditioner stayed in for another 2 hours underneath an extra beanie cap (loads of body heat! lol) and then I came home and shampooed at the kitchen sink using garnier fructis' length and strength shampoo which I've been loving herelately. Rinsed that out thoroughly, and then moisturized with the sleek and shine leave in. Afterwards, I went one twist at a time, applying grapeseed oil to the hair, detangling it with my denman brush and then proceeded to blowdry it. At the end of blowdrying each section, I lightly went through with my wide tooth comb and then twisted up that section.

After blowdrying it, I proceeded to put my hair into like 8 or 9 cornrow braids using SheScentIt's Marshmallow Herbal Hair Cream to braid my hair. I then left the braids in for a day afterwards and today I just unbraided and LAWD! I love it!

It was just AWESOME! I've never seen my hair this big and this fluffy ever in my life! I honestly didn't realize my hair was that long! I mean...I knew it was long but just to see it all big and vivacious, it was just shocking and honestly my hair hasn't grown much since December. My last length least I don't think. But I do know I'm loving the way my length checks look! I can't argue with the fact that I love how thick my length checks look from roots to tips, I just.... ♥____♥ yaaaaas! lol

And I'm also digging the blowdried look of my hair.....that's not a good thing. Lets try and keep a heat free regimen still, or relatively heat free. I may though blowdry my hair more than once this year. This already counts for the first time. lol So that means lots of deep conditioning, lots of protein treatments, and lots of heat protectant. lol!

keep calm
♥ and keep it coily ♥


  1. it looks great! i will definitely try this

    1. Thank you!!! Definitely try it once, you'll love the bounciness in your hair. And if you don't mind, let me know how it goes for you too! =)