Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Pocahontas Braid

I think this may be a new favorite style....? I think I may use this to gauge how my hair is growing and if it's maintaining it's health.

For right now, it looks really healthy and chunky. Honestly, I didn't realize that I would be able to braid it all back into one. Guess I really don't try enough things with my hair huh?

I guess it's pretty healthy and thick, huh?

I dunno, I'm just not feeling the ends of my hair but I'm thinking it's because I know my hair has a LOT of layers. And if anything, the longest pieces are probably from the top, like the very crown of my head, and then my nape and side pieces are the shortest areas. Yeah, my hair's weird. So other than that, I think this braid looks pretty darn good, whaddayu thank!? (__(o" lol

This braid was done on the hair from the twistout I did using that Shea Moisture stuff. What made me do this braid in the first place was to keep from having to touch it's stickiness so much cause I did NOT feel like re-washing my hair again. Since it was still soft and fairly moisturized, all I did was spritz with regular water to break up the sugariness some, and just pulled my hair back into a single Pocahontas Braid.

For some reason, I'm starting to love the braids I NEVER did in my life. I never wore french braids or one single pocahontas braid, not ever. Not when I was relaxed because my hair was so short (neck length, never passed it lol), never did it when I first went natural cause...well....I couldn't. lol Even when my hair was longer but had many damaged ends I still never wore it because half the braid looked thinner than the ends look now in THIS picture. lol 0_o Seriously.

So this will be my "Pocahontas Braid in January 2014" that's what we'll call this pic. And we'll see where we get as the months go on, huh? I think this may be a great way to measure my progress in growth AND thickness. So lets get to gettin!

~keep calm' n coily~

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