Saturday, January 4, 2014

The ONE Wash'n Go That I LOVE...


And they're REALLY noticeable too, but I'll have to wear it, for I spent all. DAY on my hair today and I'm already sick, I really do not feel like re-washing and re-styling.

But I don't get it, I used pretty much the same method as I did in this post and I didn't get flakes in that wash'n go but I totally got a crap load of them today.

Basically I deep conditioned as any other wash day starts off. This time I finger detangled exclusively and although I did a great job detangling, guess how long it took me?

Well I'll say a little over TWO HOURS!!!!!

Haaaaa, just that made me tired so I left in the deep conditioner for a good three hours or so, then hopped in the shower to shampoo. Got out and started immediately on my wash'n go using garnier leave in, my oil mix, and olive oil ecostyler gel. After everything was applied, I then immediately went in to diffuse my hair dry.

I thought it was gonna turn out great. Towards the end of drying time, I started shaking my head around crazily and just wacking all around as I diffused, I was enjoying the way my curls were looking like SERIOUSLY so I was having a ton of fun wacking my hair around.

Maybe that made it flake up? Hmmmm.....

Gave my hair a lot of body though.

But, besides the snow-flakiness, my hair looks and feels GREAT!!! The coils are absolutely POPPING, it's springy and bouncy and just everything I love in a wash'n go. What I also love about this wash'n go is that, unlike all my other wash'n go attempts, I didn't stretch my roots this time. Nope, just full on shrinkage and I'm LOVING it.

I think it's safe to say that I AM a wash'n go chick...

Now I just gotta figure out what's not gonna cause flakes in my hair!! Ugh, this is mad annoying....

~keep calm'n coily~

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