Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The ONE Routine That WORKS..... ♥Wash'n Go Edition♥

You know how you that ONE set routine that works that seems to be your default? Well, this is that routine for wash'n go's.

I have found a basic regimen that is going to be the one fallback routine that works for all the wash'n go's I'll ever do from hereon out and that routine is:

♥ Oil
♥ Gel

This routine started with.....a trip to the gym? (First time gym-goer! Yay!) And I came home, separated that tired braidout into four chunky twisted sections (two on each side). With that, I hopped in the shower. I was going to co-wash my curls, but ended up just water rinsing and finger detangling my hair. I went in one twist at a time, separated it into two sections, finger detangled one half and twisted it up, finger detangled the other half and twisted it up and continued in the remaining three sections.

After that, my hair was in 8, fully finger detangled water-rinsed twists. Out of the shower, I let my hair airdry without the intention to let it airdry because I was trying to plan out how I would make this the best wash'n go EVER!!!!!

So I grabbed my suave naturals strawberry conditioner, bottle of castor oil, and jar of olive oil ecostyler gel and made magic happen! lol

I spritzed a little water all over my twists and then squeezed some suave naturals strawberry conditioner into my twists really well. On my ends, in the twists, in the roots, nape, edges everywhere. Not saturate it like how I normally do, but just enough to coat it pretty well.

Next, I took down one twist at a time, applied castor oil to the section and then retwisted it and repeated that for the remaining 7 twists. After that, I took down one twist at a time, misted it with more water and just applied the gel using only my fingers.

As I applied the gel, I didn't do much separating while finger combing. It's a bad habit of mine to separate like every curl and try to make it it's own and I guess it leaves me with more "frizz" than more "curls". Which is great for .... one look, but for the bouncy curly/coily look I was going for, I decided to try different and leave my curls in thick clumps as I applied the gel. It took me like 30 minutes or so to get it all applied. Yeah.

Then I went in to diffuse it which took FOREVER. It took about a good hour and some to diffuse it and some tiny parts were still fairly damp. After that, just some fluffing and whatnot, and BOOM!

a wash'n go well done..... ♥

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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