Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Default Wash Day

Sooo, I didn't have any of my beloved ORS Deep Conditioner to begin my wash day process (or any deep conditioner at hand at all), and so I just wanted to wash the slightly sticky feel of the Curling Gel Souffle by Shea Moisture out of my strands. My hair had been in that one big pocahontas braid all week getting puffier by the day.

So, since my scalp still didn't have much of any buildup in it, I just used my Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo. It is not a great cleanser on my hair which is why it was great for today since I didn't need a lot of cleansing on my scalp. So did it's job.

Then after that, sopped my hair in Suave Naturals Strawberry conditioner and left it in all throughout my shower, never rinsed it out. So my hair got a pretty good bootleg steam, I'll say.

After that, when I got out the shower, proceeded to detangle my hair while my hair was still sopped in conditioner and ended up with 11 very unorganized twists. Then I took the twist and squeezed out the excess conditioner and left the remaining conditioner in. Then took down half the twists, sealed in that section with my oil mix and proceeded to french braid it all the way down and repeat that process on the other side. This worked out fairly well, my hair looks nice and healthy and moisturized and I will probably be keeping this style in for the rest of the week.

I dunno, maybe I should do my thickness checks through my french braids as well? A thickness check in a pocahontas braid and french braids? Hmmm.....we could see. So I guess this will be the French Braid Pic of 2014 eh?

Welp, that's about eet. lol

~ keep calm'n coily ~

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