Monday, January 20, 2014

Shea Moisture Product Review....sorta...

So wash day was another success. Did a protein treatment (finally), then shampooed, then deep conditioned. Moisturized just a teensy bit differently adding in two new products.

First I misted with Shea Moisture's Hold and Shine Moisture Mist and then applied my good ol' garnier sleek and shine, then sealed in with my oil mix. And then I commenced to "trying" to style my hair using the Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle, both are from the Coconut and Hibiscus line.

I like the spray for a daily mist, adding in a bit of moisture for whatever, I do like that. I would repurchase THAT far.

Now the curly gelly or whatever.


I'm so on the fence with this product.

The directions say to apply sparingly, and boy will I heed those words next time! The product is alot goopier than you would expect a gel to be. If you've ever made flaxseed gel before, it's like that but with a little more...grip...?? lol

It felt drying while I applied to my hair, and after I set it in a twist, it FELT like it would dry with the usual cast that a gel would leave, right? Like it would give me great hold. That's what I was hoping for actually.

Drying was HELL. My hair was damp but almost dry, but after applying this product it made my hair dripping wet and it dripped all over me and all my pillows all night long! It was crazy, I woke up on a cold pillow, that's how long it took to even remotely dry.

So it's safe to say that I didn't wear a beautiful twistout the next day. =(

Another thing about this product, was the incredible stickiness I've been experiencing. It was bad when I applied it but I just figured that it would let up more when it dried which it did, but it still retained a sticky feel to it which I wasn't all that happy about. Later I learned that the third ingredient in this product is GLYCERIN right after sugar cane extract. So much sugar in this product, which leads me to my next problem.

The hold was ridiculously SOFT, which is not what I want to be saying about a GEL product. It had little to no hold on my hair after feeling like it would leave some sort of cast on my hair. It was soft though it did have a slightly sticky feel to it, but no hold at all. It frizzed as soon as I took the twists down.


I don't know exactly how I feel about this product yet. The Pro's so far include: it leaves no flakes in my hair, it DOES make my hair soft though sticky it's still soft, I like the way it smells....*shrug*. The Con's include the ridiculous way it dries in my hair and how soaking wet it makes my hair, the stickiness because of all the GLYCERIN, and the lack of definition it gives for it to be a GEL.

I'm kinda so-and-so with this one. I may do like I hear other ladies do and mix half and half of the curling gel souffle with eco styler gel, maybe it'll give my hair hold and moisture....who knows?

For right now, I'm thinking that the curling gel souffle will most likely be used for doing twist sets and flat twists or cornrows or something, that's about all it seems good for right now until I find another way to use it. We'll just have to wait and see, but I am not fond of the sticky feel. But maybe I have to use a lot less of it and it'll turn out better BUT it still doesn't have any hold so what's the purpose of it? We'll see ya'll.

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hold and Shine Moisture Mist Spray   yeah, maybe not for $10, but if it's on sale, yeah
Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle    ehh.....neither yay or nay....definitely not a repurchase for $10

~keep calm 'n coily~

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