Sunday, January 5, 2014

Now...I've Got to Learn the *Wash'n Go*

Last night, I decided to pineapple my hair as well (something else I LOATHED about the wash'n go) and my perspective on pineappling changed as well. With lots of fluffing and pulling into place, that wash'n go looked absolutely COIFECT.

But when I went to look in the bathroom mirror (because the lighting was better), I absolutely could not walk out the door with my hair like that, the flakes were a terribly noticeable mess. It literally looked like it was snowing on my head. ELCH.

So I pulled it into a puff and covered it with my scarf and went to run my errands real quick like. Came home and tried to fiend of the uninvited boogies!

When you're dealing with a wash'n go, always grab the clarifying shampoo. Don't waste your time trying to co-wash it out, don't waste product trying to use that moisturizing shampoo you love, don't even waste time on it. Go STRAIGHT for the clarifier because in one wash, you should be free from the boogies.

I've learned my lesson now.

So after clarifying (I did twice for good measure), my wet curly afro thing was looking good. I almost I ALMOST wanted to wear it like that. But alas, I remoisturized with garnier and detangled with my comb and twisted in some medium chunky twists and as of now it's within the realm of my satin scarf and bonnet airdrying.

I'll definitely try new ways for my wash'n go's later on but as of now....I think Nelly needs a REST. Ugh, I was SO gonna have fun with that wash'n go, ya'll don't know how much I LOVED that wash'n go and I've NEVER loved my own wash'n go like I loved this one. me. o_o

lol Annnnd I don't have pics.

Sowwy! *hides before the tomatoes are thrown*

~keep calm'n coily~

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