Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Natural Hair Rambles... ♥Experimentation♥

I've got to admit, I've only been trying to style my hair since the year started, maybe even the last two weeks of December, and I've been loving my hair WAY more than I have in the past couple of YEARS.

I have to attribute much of this enjoyment to the fact that I've been concentrating a lot on returning my hair back to it's healthiest state and working hard to keep it consistent.

With all the deep conditioning, my hair is retaining more shine. With all the trims, my ends are staying glamorous. With all the protective styling, my hair is retaining length, I mean just so many things have happened to Nelly over the past....year. And it's all been for the better.

So I think 2014 will definitely be the year of styling (and trims...) for me, working to grow, retain, and enjoy my coils.

This wash'n go has just got me wanting to explore so many more avenues of my hair again. Because I HATED doing wash'n go's and everything about it in the past, but I think I may have figured out why. Because I was doing wash'n go's on unhealthy hair, with my scraggly ends, maybe that's why it always appeared limp and...weird to me. I've also figured out that I love the wash'n go more with a side part and not my usual straight-down-the-center part. I'm diggin' the whole "flop-in-my-face" thing. lol  I really like the bang-look that I' me ideas. lol

I'm gonna try not to be TOO extreme with my hair this year, but I definitely will continue testing out more styles, more product combinations, more everything this year. Since conquering the wash and go (and loving it) it makes me want to go back and try all the styles that I hated or could never get right back in the day such as: the bantu knot out, the rollerset, the flexi rod set, the curly fro, the coils AND the coil outs, the finger doodles (which is like a wash and go but not really, it's WAAAY more time consuming than a regular wash and go), and there's just so many more possibilities.

I guess I got so caught up in protective styling, I forgot how truly flexible natural hair can be. There's much more to it then the routine protective styling of twists, twistout, braidout, bun, puff, and repeat. There's other more freeing styles, other ways to stretch it, other ways to protect it, and I intend to enjoy my hair a LOT more this year!

Having big hair is the main reason I went natural, soooooo WHY am I not enjoying it?

I think another reason that I'm starting to love styling my hair more is because it's gotten a lot longer (and healthier lol). Granted, I probably would have still liked the wash and go if my hair was shorter had my hair been alot healthier, but I think because it has more hang time, I'm enjoying the way it frames my face.

It's all about experimentation, I let's experiment! ♥

~ keep calm and coily ~

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