Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hair of the Day

I tried with the braidout but...it was a fail in my opinion though I did love the results! I tried using garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in and the ecostyler olive oil gel again trying to see if those two really didn't mix (haaa, and they don't *frowny face*). Luckily I saw the flake-up on the bottom two braids in the very back so you can't really see the flake-age.

I ended up only using the gel on my edges but just the leave in to moisturize my hair. I have realized, I have absolutely NO styling products.....like at all. Man, I took this "No-Styling" thing kinda serious huh? lol

And to add I also did roll the ends with purple perm rods which explains the wacked out curl at the ends. lol Just...trying...something...

By this morning, majority of the braids had dried but of course, not all of it. And so of course it poofed up in the process of takedown. Nothing extra to takedown.

And that was the result!

~keep calm'n coily~

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