Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hair Lessons ♥ Part 1 ♥

You know, I've got to learn the ins and outs of my hair all over again now that I'm trying to style it more. It's not just because I have different hair and no two heads are alike and all that other crap, but just to increase the knowledge of what works for me and my hair.....this should be fun....right?...

So far, these are some things that I've learned:

♥ My hair just takes a long arse time to dry! There's really no way around it and I don't want to become an excessive user of heat. So how will I combat this?

~ Well, some things I've been trying include not putting on my bonnet and letting my hair airdry, but rather, let it airdry without anything on it until when I'm about to go to sleep and then tie it up or whatever.

~ Another thing is trying not to be so heavy handed with my products and then all the oil on top of it. I realized it takes such a long time to dry one day when all I did was apply leave in and I didn't seal it with my oil. The next day, it was like twice as dry as it would've been had I sealed with an oil. I'm not saying this will make me stop sealing (because obviously it is helping my hair retain moisture lol), but maybe I'll stop being as heavy handed as I am with products.......yeah right... lol!

~ Don't style on wet all. Forget breakage, the hair just doesn't dry in time. I'm going to have to start styling on "next day hair" lol if I plan on wearing an -out style. Which means, if there is a certain day I plan on wearing a braidout, wash day needs to start two days prior to. Dang. lol

♥ Different strokes for different folks.

~ Using a comb, brush, or any other detangling tool works best when I'm trying to do sleeker and more stretched styles, depending on the look I'm going for such as sleek braidouts, elongated and well defined twistouts, whathaveyou.

~ Finger detangling is best for trying to have a curl-enhanced look, and for some reason, when I do styles that are exclusively finger detangled, they come out looking a heck of alot thicker but have more shrinkage. This is best used for styles like wash and go's, when I'm craving thick and shrunken braidouts/twistouts over long, stretched ones, and whathaveyou.

♥ When I sloooooowly......

~ Especially when braiding my hair, I braid all the way down really fast not paying attention to the way my hair likes to curl around my fingers and sometimes snap off (if the hair is wet enough). I'm learning to pay attention to the way I braid and every so often, stop and pull the ends of my hair out to keep them stretched (or occassionally comb them out but even that could harm more than help) and continue to do that as I braid down.

~ I don't really have that problem as I twist but will still keep this tip in mind.

~ Adding product instead of water is better for me. The water will make my ends coil up and tangle more but adding more styling product will give it weight and help keep it straightened out until I complete braiding or whatever. And it also adds slip so that my fingers can slip the tangles free as I braid (or whatever).

♥ Gel edges down

~ I am going back to loving the "sleek laid down edges" look. Really, for years I never NEVER did anything to my edges to tame them, just kept them moisturized, tied down at night and BAM. Maybe that has contributed to me having such thick edges over the years......and now I'm about to thin them out. lol I just apply gel to the edges after I'm done styling and then cover over with my doo-rag while I let the rest of my hair airdry before adding my bonnet.

♥ While we're speaking of gels, I need to find products that work with EcoStyler, or better yet another gel!

~Cause this flaking ain't doing it!

♥ I really need to figure out the mechanics of a good wash and go for me.

~ It's been established that I LOVE the wash and go! But I just can't get the whole routine down. The conditioner and gel thing DID make my hair flake again though not as bad as the garnier and gel did. Application and drying time is not bothersome to me, it is finding two products that work well together and on my hair and come washing it out!

Washing out that wash and go was.....-___-" yeah. I got boogies all over again and ended up having to clarify three times to get it all out! If anything, THAT is what is keeping me from wholeheartedly jumping into the wash and go! Cause I'm not a big clarifier and would hate to have to do that all the time. Need to find SOMETHING.

So far, that's what I'm paying attention to now. We'll see what I learn from now on!

~ keep calm and coily ~

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